“We looked at” – *14*

Backward looking for see Jack or Sanchez inside the Pub, but it was full of enormous creatures that it was impossible even take a glimpse to the counter at the bottom of the local, and so we looked at each other, and at unison we have take the courage to make the first steps along that tree boulevard where at the end of it, there was the main street, where we have would turn to the right and  within few  meters, we have would meet the white, and low building of the department of the police.

We were walk realy slow, along that boulevard: ocassionally we have met other strange creatures, who some of them was saluting us, and some else was throwing us inquiring looks, and exceeding them, they following staring us, murmuring something. 
At their passage, we were feeling our hearts splashing out from our chest, and each time has happened i tightned your hand stronger. Fortunately it has happened twice: i have would die, if it was happened once again. 

“Breathe” you have said me whispering, almost at the beging of that crossroads. 
Few cars were crossing the road, but however we stopped to check if we could go. 
The police department was there, with some police cars parked in front of the entrance, and when we have took courage for enter, some creatures of the police crew, had recognized us, and on their faces was well painted the question: “Still them… what they want?”, but pretending nothing, they have made us pass inside, even with a gentle smile printed in face.

We had made the first step inside the wolf’s lair, and we didn’t know how many were there inside. 
All the eyes were set on us, and we were looking at each one of them, in search of an undefinied brownish creature, and when, maybe i glimpsed it, i tightened delicately the fingers that i was crossing, and when, even you have seen it, you have sighed.
But now, we had to pretend nothing, and when a sinuous snake female creature has came to us for know what we wanted, we had asked to speak with the BOSS, but she had said us that it wasn’t possible.

When we entered in that large room, the usual buzz, really fast, was disincrease: who was typing on the old typewriter with the classic little bell, didn’t typing no longer, and this had intrigued the BOSS behind the wooden door, at end of that big room.  And while that sinous female, still was talking with us, that door was opened, and with the same big cigar in his jaws, the BOSS, has screamed to everybody: “What’s up?! Let’s get back to work!”, and after he have gave a glimpse to the whole situation, his small eyes stopped on us, and he made to the female snake to make us pass, and slowly we have crossed the long open aisle, giving a quick glance to Bruno, pretending to look at the whole room. When our glances met that one of that brownish creature, i have believe die, and i tightened stronger your hand, but then the BOSS has made us enter in his office, looking at outside screaming: “I’m not there for anybody!” then he closed the door, slamming it and immediately our blood chilled.

In really few seconds it back us in mind everything what we had say in the pub, and when that horned wolf was sitting himself on his chair, we have closed the eyes, throwing away all the air from the lungs.
When he asked the reason of our return, we jolted, and we have looked at him straight into his eyes, and was been you to talk. 
I was looking at you astonished, while you was capable to explain what was happened, with all naturality, without showing anything.
And at end you have expose your “theory”, looking at me, who slowly was widing open the eyes.
You was saying him everything, and i was tightening your hand: he couldn’t see it anyway.

You wanted see, what it would been his reaction, and above what he would have said. 
Exposed all the story, you threw backward on the backrest, waiting for his reply. 
And what he have said, it what we had figured: “You are new in the city and some curious has wanted se who you were, there is nothing to worry about”, and with false gentleness, he got up on his feet, and has opened the door, inviting us to leave the office: our time was over.

Beyond that office, in that large room the job was continuing slower. Everybody wanted hear what the BOSS was saying us, but when that door was opened, everybody has started to work like worker bees, just one didn’t do. 
And that one, has stared us, all along the aisle till the exit, and we have met his glance. 

In those seconds, in the brownish creature’s mind, it were clarified many things, but not all of them.
He has waited for that we were came out from the police department, to reach us. 
Went down those few stairs outside the building, he stopped us and he said: “I have to confess you something, that i have understand only now: something wrong”, and looking down he presented himself.”


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