Here you are

With your closeness that sweetly is enveloping me all around, and i feel your arms surrounding my belly in a strong way. 

Almost i remain breathless, and my throat is closing, and with your eyes you make me go crazy.

I leave ajar my mouth, and everything is become light, and i can see Our Parallel World wrapping us. 
I have to hold back the breathe. 

I can feel you that pulling me toward you, and our breath are merging one with another, and everything is starting to spin fast in our minds, and our hearts are start to beat  at unison. 
Slowly i throw away the air from the lungs: i have difficutlies to swallow. 

Everything starts to spin and we are inside of this vortex. 
Slowly, our small electric shocks begins to unleash themselves. 
Little by little we will feel them cross our minds, while our bodies start react to all these emotions that turning in something wonderful. 
I have to throw away the air i have in body. My fingers are start to shake on this keyboard, and my mind is travelling miles and miles for reach you, but it’s enough that i think to you and everyhing become easier: you are here, and are tightening me delicately. 

Our minds are slowly communicating one with another, and what we want to say become a tangle of words, but it simply wonderful what we feeling in these instants.
Everything become as we have always wished. 
Enough breathe at unison, and already we do this, and everything goes at our rythm.

I feel your body always closer to mine, and that slow dance begin, while your whispers enter in me, and they make go crazy.
Slowly i start to shake. I feel your hands on my face, and your eyes straight into mine, and slowly i can feel your lips. 

I close the eyes, while i feel your soul enter inside me.
What i feel for you, already you know it.
I just hold back the breathe for then throw it away, while you are caressing again my lips.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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