“We everybody” – *13*

Remained in silence astonished for what we had listened to, and said, but if the situation, was like Sanchez had described it, we had to do something, and even in hurry. 
And the idea has came to you, and have explained it in the simpliest way possible.

“We had planned to return to the police department, to warn about the intrusion, and maybe, now to glimpse this Bruno. Looking for to understand how many of the police stands with the BOSS, and maybe to understand if he has direct contact with those ills-intentioned.
Bruno, if it’s like you have said, he’s at the first experiences at the department, obvisously he will in awe with the BOSS, and maybe he hasn’t a refer point to look at, and surely, each thing that the BOSS decide, for him, it’s that one good, even if, we know it is not.”
What you was saying, was  flawless, and it spun perfectly. We had to got back to the police department, and take a glimpse to this Bruno and understand how many of them were inside of this hellish story, and maybe to involve someone else who didn’t thinking like the BOSS, and convice them to make double game, to unmask, how many of them were involved into this controverse game.


Uncosciously the death of the little Daisy, had opened a new chapter of that city that, absolutely anybody hadn’t to ignore. And this thought was running fast in each one of the minds of the present in that closed pub.
You have looked at me, and in silence you held tight my hand. Everybody in those seconds was thinking to different things, when all in a sudden, the Jack voice has made us jolt.
“Let’s give a worthing reason to the Daisy death and above all to Sanchez’ sister. If it’s like Sanchez say, that police department, it have to be make tearing apart”

Jack was ready to go out, and go with us. He had take off his perfect linen apron, and he was about to open again the main entrance, but only with a sweet glance, i stopped him. In  our own way, we could understand him, but then, as you had explained him, it was better that we went to the police department alone, like those two who wanted report that fact, and make intend that we hadn’t understand his thin game.  
Sanchez had looked at the whole scene, approaching to his chief, and had murmuring him something, after that Jack had stared him into his black eyes, Sanchez beckoned him. 

Only after those few words put in row, Jack convinced himself that, maybe it was better like this, and he has left us go, not before to say: ” You have to tear him apart!”
I got up on my feet, in front of him, i caressed his  flaky skin, and i sighed: “We will do it in the delicatest way possible, that not even him will realize of that”, and then Jack taken my hand, and at end it have stretched it to you, saying: “I reccomend take care of her” and taking my hand, you nodded him, and he has end with a sentence that has left you breathless.
“She is your «Daisy»” .

The final details were being worked out, when Sanchez was opening the Pub, when in front of it  were came the first customers from the city, and when they entered threw a quick glance toward our table where Jack sat with us, while the usual buzz of the pub was increasing, while Sanchez was making resound the noise of the dishes in the sink, behind the counter. 
In a blink, the pub was filling and the calm we had, vanished in a couple of minutes.
But what we had to planning, already we had done. 
Now, we had to take courage and leave our friends. 

Jack had left our table from a couple of minutes, and while he was dressing that flawless white linen apron, he was settling his new customers with his good manners.
We hoped that he didn’t notice our leave, but when the main entrance open itself, inside the pub everything stopped, and for an endless seconds our glances met those of Jack and Sanchez, and a: “Be careful” sighed flew in that large room. We nodded, and only when the door closed, the buzz restarted to fill the pub.”


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