I feeling

Your embrace around my body making itself stronger, and i have to hold back the breathe, because i feel the throat that slowly is closing, and the punch in the stomach making itself bigger.

In these hours i feel your closeness closer than before. 
I have to stop me for a while. The only thing i can do is look at into your eyes.
I feel your arms tightening my hips more, and my heart is beting like a jackhammer, and everything is turning around Our Parallel World, and i can perceive your sweet breath, that delicately is taking me away from here. 
In a blink, we are in our apartement.

My heart doesn’t want to beat strong: it seem that is about to explode out from my chest. 
I put your hand on my breast: you can feel it, and delicately you take mine and you make me feel the same in your chest. 
We are enter in that sweet vortex that will take in our magical universe that i see in your beautiful your skin defection.
I touch it, while sweetly you approach more to me.

Our glances meet,and the magic is accomplish: you whisper those words that only my soul can perceive, and i throw away the air i have in body, shaking my head. 
From far i can perceive even your perfume. I close the eyes and your arms tightening stronger my hips toward you.

Everything is magical. Our perceptions, our emotions, our connection, everything that is running in our minds, everything that enveloping us. Everything  that is born five years ago is amazing.
We love each other, even if we don’t know ourselves in person. It’s something that exceed the love itself. It’s something bigger, and it’s inside Our Parallel World. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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