I felt your sweet embrace enveloped my belly, and i hear your voice whisper my name, i opened the eyes, and i caressed my stomach, tightening your arms stronger.
I held back the breathe, and your arms were continued to caress my body.

It was from long time that i didn’t  feel this sensation. It’s one of the most sweet and delicate i ever felt.
Everything this is taking me to Our Parallel World 
I need to feel your voice and to dive myself in to your melody

I close the eyes and sweetly i feel you are pulling me toward you more, and your arms are tightening my hips.

Our eyes meeting and delicately our forheads touching each other, and you are speaking to my soul. My heart is beating strong, while my fingers are about to shake on this keyboard. 
You are smiling me, and slowly my throat is closing. 

Everything is starting to turn fast, and like in a twirl, everything begin to transforming itself in that one that we have created. 

Everything is dissolving around, and slowly our apartment is rising itself and what we have created become true, and in few minutes our connection will become a real thing. 
We remain breathless. 

You are tightening me stronger, and your sweet words are wrapping me more. 
I have to hold back the breathe. 
We are reaching that point of no return, where everything vanish, and despite we are distant, our souls are about to touch themselves for merging one with another.

And there, Our connection explode, and for those few seconds, our souls are changing themselves one in another. 
We are waiting for it. And  here it is….. 
You are in me, and i’m in you.
We are exploding. 
Everything around is vanished.
We exist us only.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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