“We got back” – *12*

Slowly inside the pub, each one with his own thoughts, but the only one who had clear in mind what was happened, and of whom could be, was Sanchez, who has made everybody enter, then he locked the main entrance, spying outside he said: 
“Guys, i have to tell you something”. We have looked at him, waiting for he continued.

To break this instant that was lasting from a bit, i made him directly, that question that nobody else, wanted formulate. 
“Do you know who is?”, and Sanchez looked at me straight into my eyes, as if i was the only person in the pub in that moment. 
Sanchez, as much big he was, he was even so shy, and he wasn’t so good with the words, but what he had to say us, it was so important.
He looked at you and Jack, but it was me that he had to, and wanted to talk with.

He confessed me things that he had kept for himself for long time about the death of her sister. He told me when he went to denounce the fact to the police, the BOSS had taken note of it, but some days after, he had heard rumors that Wolf with horns, made of his deposition, wastepaper, and nobody else in that police department had take care of the death of his dear sister, and from that moment Sanchez had seen the BOSS one creature to avoid. 

And getting back to stare everybody, Sanchez, has remembered  only a creature of that measure and size, who could be the owner of that footprint in front of the oak tree and in front of the creaking house. And at end he was the only one who had a plasuible theory on all that matter, and with all the eyes set on him, he started to stutter, but when i taken him his two paws, he looked at me only, and when i have shy smiled him, he seemed got relax, and he restarted to talk only to me.
“I think that the BOSS have wanted to know better who you were, and he has sent Bruno”, and Sanchez has began to describe him as an undefinied big creature, at his first experiences in the police department. 
Then he said one thing that has left us speechless: “I always thought that the BOSS, hasn’t never desired the capture of these ill-intentioned, but after the Daisy death, it’s changed something”.
After his sentence we looked at each other astonished, and above all we have looked at Jack, who hadn’t spoken yet, but he was looking at Sanchez overwehlmed, but at end he pronnounced just two words put in row: “You mean…?”

Now, Sanchez was looking at straight into Jack’s eyes, and he replied: “I mean that BOSS has always taken advantages from the raids of that those there, but after the Daisy’ death, he have had to make something concrete for don’t fall in the crap, and now in someways, he feel himself in trap. I’m sure that he has sent Bruno to check what you are capable to do” and in that instant he has looked at us, with wide eyes open. 
“So, what you are saying, Sanchez it’s that the BOSS is involved in all this?” i asked in a sigh, looking at him a bit scared.  “Exactly!” 

Then in a sigh, Jack started to speak lost in thought, and everybody we remained enchanted by his words.
“The little Daisy has been abadoned as soon she born: someone has brought in front of the Pub. Little by little, she got used of me, but she hasn’t never wanted be adopted: she was an indepent creature: i looked for to convince her to find someone who could take care of her, but nothing. Slowly, she has become a refer point for many. A refer point of courage, determination: all this in a small creature. You can understand how much anger i have in body: if i was arrived just few seconds earlier, she would be alive yet, but maybe it’s been  a good”, and while he was saying those last words, we everybody, have looked at him astonished, don’t understanding where he wanted to go end. But after just few seconds later, everything has become clearest, even if, it was one of the roughest: someone of important for the community had to die, for  unmask the true intentions of who hadn’t done nothing to stop that little army that was spreading terror, each time that it was hearing those slow shot of gun.

We looked at each other, then we threw a gaze to Jack, who was thinking to his Daisy.”


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