When i opened

The eyes, i immediately felt your embrace around my belly, and i whispered your name, and i began to think to you, and now when everything is calm slowly, our minds are opening themselves to our connection. 

You are looking at me, and i feel your embrace make itself sweeter, and our heads are perceving  our electric shock that  are tightening our stomach, and everything around us, is become as always we wished: delicate and light, and in a blink we are there, in our apartment. 

You are looking at me with your blue eyes, and the only thing that i can do, is throw away the air from the lungs, smiling, and shaking my head to you.

Despite are passed five years, each time this magic accomplish, for me, it’still a mystery to which i can’t find a logical reason. The only image in my mind is an universe that wants unite us, and i  accept it, looking at you in silence, with  my heart that is beating strong.
And in someway, staring at you in this picture, i know you want accept it too.

You are look at me, and i can perceive your heart is beating stronger than mine. 
And in silence,nwe are waiting for some sign from that universe, while Our Parallel World is raising around us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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