“Heard”- *11*

The two knocks after only few seconds, it has opened us Sanchez, and we have smiled him silently, and we entered, without speaking we have gave him the basket and just two words flewn in that kitchen full of new smells, and Sanchez seemed blushed, but after those pleasantries, we have looked at him just with a question in face, and he threw his glance the overhead door, and he didn’t added nothing else.

Astonished, we have looked at him, and we have crossed that heavy door. 
We remained  breathless for what we had seen: Jack got back to be the gentle Lizard that we had met the first day, he was serving  new customers, as if nothing was happened. His gentleness in someway, it was scaring us, but after staring at him a bit, immediately we had understood that he was suffering yet much: in his glance we could see a unbridgeable void, but that he couldn’t pass further hours in his pain, and at each clients who was enter, he was looking for a table, and for what we had perceiveid the Jack’pub was once again at full power, the voice was spreaded itself quickly, and now Jack was looking for to dive in in what he did best.

Slowly, his pub was filling, but when he has seen us, his glance illuminated more, and he made us sign to go at the our table, thing we have done, while in our stomach it was bring us a heavy weight, while a forced smile was printing on our faces, looking for see the real Jack who was hid himself behind that false mask of gentleness and good manners. 
With us, he couldn’t hid his painful, but in someway, we could understand him. 

Jack and Sanchez had their job to take forward: as normal clients we had ordered a breakfast, and it was been Sanchez to brought it us, when he stopped in front of our table, you have said:”We have to say you something, say it to Jack, we wait for you.”
You remained mysterious, while Sanchez brought away an empty bread basket, and when he got back behind the counter, while he was reporting what  you had said, both has looked at us with a questioning faces. 

What we had to report them it was so important, and we wanted to do it when the pub was empty, and above all when the other creatures couldn’t disturb. 
In meawhile we had discuss of who could be that big creature, who has came, even inside the small garden in front of that creaking house, and above all why?

The clients came and go with a monstrous frequency, and each creature was throw a strange glance to Jack who was pretending nothing, but we knew was suffering a lot.
And all in a sudden, those shots of gun have started to resounding again from far, and in Jack almond eyes were printed once again that terror that he was searching for to hid at all costs, but at end, he exploded, and he sent away the last customers throwing him away  from the main entrance, and he closed the door. leaned his back on it, looking at the only human beings inside. Us.

“I can no longer make it, that black and yellow police banner…”, and he hadn’t ended that sentence that we had understood everything.
He took off the perfect white apron and he unfastened the black vest, and he looked at us, as the only persons whom could understand him, and approached himself to our table, and he called aloud Sanchez inside the kitchen, and he invited him to sit next to him.
As in a whisper he said: “I believe that for today we have finished.” He looked at everybody present, and like a surrended creature, he threw his thin paws on the table, looking at us.

We threw ourselves a quick glance, and without preambles, you have said: “Someone has followed us till the creaking house” and immediately Jack and Sanchez had forgot everything was running in their minds: Jack, almost smeared on the table, he got up and he looked at you astonished. In the black eyes of Sanchez, i have could see the darkness darker, and we have could hear their hearts beats got faster and faster.
And in those seconds in Jack’eyes something has started to shine again. And we continued to tell them what had found outside: the broken bush, and the big footprint, ad only at end of that description, Sanchez has looked at Jack for a moment, and i asked him: “What’s up Sanchez?”, and without say nothing he taken my hand, and we got out. You have followed me, while Jack has opened the door, explaining what was happening.

We arrived below the big oak tree where there was the enormous green garbage bin, and before to see what Sanchez wanted show us, he said: “Each night i throw away the garbage here. Last night the meadow around the tree, has been trampled by someone really big and it has left that footprint”, and then he has made us see it.

I jolted backward, and i clung to you.
“Is it the same footprint you have found in that bush?” Sanchez asked. 
I looked at you wide eyes open. You have nodded only. 
And we looked at everyone in silence, get back to stare that footprint in the ground.”


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