Your closeness

Is around in this bedroom, and i’m biting my lips, because Our Parallel World  is enveloping us delicately, and our emotions are growing inside our souls, and my heart have beat strong when i was been capable to see your neo. 
You don’t know how much is important  for me.
A small skin defection, for me it means the perfection, the perfection in which exists Our marvelous magic world and everything it contains.

Let me touch it, and let me caress your sweet face. 
Let me dive in your beautiful eyes, and let me dream between your sweet voice.
I feel your hands are strong tightening my hips, and i can feel your voice enter in my soul.

I see Berkana, Sowelo and Fehu around, and they are saying us only what we want to hear, and everything is closing inside a wonderful circle and we are inside of it.

Everything we have to do is hold back the breath, for then throw it away, and unconsciously, everything we wished, slowly us will accomplishing.
And everything this i see in your tiny neo. 

Your neo has something magic.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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