“While the creaking” -*10*

Of the house was craddling us, and we fallen asleep, whom was  in front of that house, was looking for see better inside of it, taking note of everything what he was thought was important.

He had, even acrossed the small gate, and he was approached more to the two big windows to the opposite sides of that house. From that one of the left, he didn’t had noticed nothing of important, but however, he wrote something on his blocnote. Slowly he went to the window of the right, and there, he even him remained astonished for the big library, but he noticed immediately a chair next to the desk, as if it was something out of the ordinary, and he taken note of it.
He had searched for even to understand, from where came from that smell of cooked stuff.
From a vertical small window next to the entrance, he had seen the basket, and from his big brownish and squared nose, he had understood that it came from there, and even of this small particular, he had taken note.
Looking himself around, and reading all the notes he had wrote, making himself light with a small and not really handy flashlight, he started to  think to get back from where he arrived, but he did it going backward, looking at once again the whole creaking house, and he stumbled on a bush, making fly some birds that were inside of it, making a big din. 

In his glance was painted the dread: for a bit, he remained on the floor with some leaves and feathers on his big body, and he searched for hear to, if inside the house, someone had heard something, but it seemed we hadn’t heard nothing, and so he got up on his feet, and he started to walk from slow to fast, and at end he has begun to run as much as with his massive body could do.
He has ran till the end of that solitary boulevard, and then he has turned to the right, reaching the police department, where someone was waiting for him to hear all news he had collected.

When a unusual silence has fallen in that house we have opened the eyes, looking at each other, i sighed: “What’s up?”, and you got up, caressing my arm making me sign to remain where i was and you went to the window to check if everything was ok.

The morning sounds were filling the boulevard, and slowly an opal color was making place the color that, little by little, would became blue. It seemed everything ok, but when your glance has fallen below, you have noticed that bush, and in a whisper you said: “Someone has been here, and someone of really big”.
I have reached you to the window, and you made me see that bush below our window, and it was all broken.
I had no fear, but i tightened myself to you, when you have said: “It can’t be one of them. As it has assured us both Jack and Sanchez, this is the first  boulevard that they have left in peace. No, it have to be someone else.”
And so saying, we have planned to go once again to the police department. 

When we went downstairs, we opened the door, looking at us around, and when we assured ourselves, that there were no anybody, we went to check that broken bush, and only after we have seen the enormous footprint, we have wide open the eyes, and without say nothing, we have left that house, with he hearts in throat, taking away even the Sanchez’ basket.

We wanted reach the Jack’pub as soon as possible. And just when we arrived to the second door of the pub, the words of Sanchez written on that handnote have come back us in mind, and for a long instant we looked at each other holding back the breathe. 

Then, you have knocked twice.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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