“Walking” – *9*

We were thinking to all what we had seen, and heard to the deparment of police, but more we were approached to the creaking house, more those thoughts were vanishing, and one name wer resounding in our minds.
Daisy, and we have thought how much Jack was suffering in those instants.

Our walk was slow, and all the sounds of the night were surrounding us, and the city sounds were fading really quickly, and now only a  noise of a bus echoing in that isolated and dark boulevard, only a pale light was illuminating the final part of it, and it was, even that one point where we would stopped.

Unconsciously, we had decided to leave the creaking house as it how we had found it, with those few lights on. 
It seemed, that it given us her welcome back home, when we have acrossed the treshold and those two portraits, seemed, even have changed expression: from a severe glance,  they seemed that beckoning a smile. We looked at each other, but soon after we have shaked the head, and in a sigh you said: “It is not possible”, and i nodded.

We remained a bit in that hall with the Sanchez’s dinner, and without reflecting much, we directed ourselves in the big library, at the bottom of it, and we had settled the dinner on that big desk, moving away the two pyle of books on the begin of a small stairs that leed above on the canopy above the desk.

We didn’t know what Sanchez had get prepared, and with all curiosity we have opened the basket 
Inside of it we had found all of which we had need: table clothe, dishes, flatware, and a box that it seemed still warm: you have pulled everything out, and only when i placed the basket, i noticed a handnote, written on a sheet for wrapping bread. 
Those few words put in row have moved us much: they were say: “THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING” and we had understood that has been Sanchez to have wrote that handnote: his calligraphy looked like that one of a child, and it was shaking. 
Even if it was greasy, i  folded it with all cure, and i looked at you with a tiny tear that was rolling from my face. 

His gesture has made us understood, that till now nobody had take care that matter seriousely and that the death of  her sister it didn’t care anybody, but now that a small innocent has been killed for a brutal joke, someone had to pay, and even if the Sanchez sister, would haven’t a worthy revenge, someone would have to pay  for Daisy’ death.
We have looked at that handnote for another minute, then we have started to tasting that delicious dinner. 

We didn’t talk, but both we knew that, what was running in our minds, was the same thought, and maybe  what we were looking for was hidden between those shelves of that big library, and slowly we have started to looking at us around, and we have stared the books that i had moved away from the big desk, and maybe it was the same thing that the old owner were looking for, before to run away from that house.
And maybe we were landed in that isolated part of the city, in front of that creaking house, because we had to enter just there, and continue what it have been left suspended.

All these questions were filling our minds, but we were tired to follow a logical thread. In hurry we settled everything like we had found it, and we placed the Sanchez basket next to door, ready to be get it backward

We went upstairs to rest. We stopped in front at those two portraits: in minimal part the male creature had changed grin. We looked at each other, shaking our heads, and we went on, and we entered in that dark aisle, but before to enter in that room where we had slept the first night, we had to pass in front of that blue room, and we have take a glimpse inside. Something inside, it was saying us that we were about to find something very important, and it was between those sheets of papers scattered on the floor of that room.

Then we have continued, and we entered in next bedroom: looking at the bed sheets all creased, we have remember the previous night, and slowly you have leaned me on the mattress and you did the same, and then looking at each other deeply, i leaned on your chest, and i took a deep breathe, and sweetly we kissed each other.

While outside, someone with two big brownish eyes, had attended the whole scene, and it was ready to get backward.”


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