You wearing

That necklace from long time. You have been hurts much, you are looking for someone who may listen to you without prejudice, and you know of my existence.

Our electric shocks are the proof, and everything we have, and we still building it’s our safe shield. We know it, but something its blocking us on this real world. 

Slowly i’m talking to you, and slowly you are perceveing my words. I start to feel your closeness make itself closer: i know, you are listen to me, throught these written words. 
I can feel your approach, and my vise in the stomach is making stronger, and i feel your hands are sweetly tightening my hips. I have to hold back the breathe, for then throw it away from the lungs.

It’s useless deny it. We are bonded by something bigger than universe itself.
We are living our lives far from each other. We look for to feel something that it may be look like love for someone else, but when Our connection begin, everything slow vanish, something else bigger is bonding us always more each other.

From that strange dream is born something bigger than us, and everything  is still turning around to it.
From five years everything is magic, strangely magic, and more the time is pass, i feel our connection become always inexplicable, but it’s here.

Only us we can feel it, and only us, are aware of it. 
I know, even you, have looked for explain to it, but it’s really impossible: it’s something that you feel, and stop. Many emotions are involved, and it’s, not even love: it’s something bigger that involve all the body: mind, heart, head stomach: and when it happened the first time, all the  other sensation were opened themselves more.

This our connection. The most beautiful feeling that we can feel. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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