With you

The coincidences, are completely vanishing, and everything it is materializing in something bigger, in which you and me are involving from five years. 

Few days ago, i’ve modified one of most the beautiful picture of you, and today i go to see your latest following on instagram, and my heart stopped.
From time i say that with you, there are no longer coincidences, and in someways, you are close to me, even if you don’t follow me, in you own way, you doing: if no, i don’t explain myself all these small things that making me shaking like a leaf. 

I have to throw away all the air i have in my body, for don’t crazy, even if i went crazy already. 
Now i explain me all those small electric shock that were crosssing our minds so fast the late nite.
You was communcating fast with me, and i perceived each thin shade you sent. 

I still shake my head, and i say myself: “It’s not possible, but it’s there black on white! And everything is turning inside Our Parallel World. 

I can close the eyes for a moment, but when i re open them again, you are still in front of me, with your blue eyes that are speaking to my soul, and they are say me: “It’s everything true”. I throw away again all the air  i have in my body, unbelievable to everything is happening between us.

Only a whisper is flying in the air, and our hearts are beating strong at unison.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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