“When we have” – *6*

Left Jack’s pub, we have seen Jack who went behind the counter to settled better the things that Sanchez had left, and before to direct toward the police station, we had said to Sanchez it was better the pub was would closed that day. Sanchez was of the same our thought, but he didn’t knew if, he could convice Jack.

We threw another glance toward Jack, then we looked at Sanchez who sighed us to be careful. We nodded him, and we threw ourselves in that inexplored part of that city. 

More we went on, more we had realized that we were landed in the calmest part of that neighborhood, and we were been very lucky, because more buildings we acrossed, more we realized to enter in a vortex that was turning faster than anything else. It seemed to be in a film where the creatures around us running  at double speed, and we could hear the same question  of each creature who were meeting our gaze: “Who are those two, where do they come from?”, but above all: “What do they want from us?”

I was tightening your hand strong, and you was tranquillizing me sighing: “We are almost arrived”. 
The police station was the only building recognizable in all zone of the city. “You can’t wrong”, had said Sanchez when he had describe it to us. Between all those buildings buildt in height, that one of the police was buildt in lenght. 
When we arrived in front of it, the police sign was illuminated by a beam of the sun, while a car of the police was running with the sirens on. 
We turned, but it was already gone, and from very far we could hear another shots of gun, and only in those instants we had realized that even those shots sounds were got slow down. 

We threw away all the air from the lungs: you held my hand, and after a rapid beckon, we entered in.
It seemed entered in a place where, nobody knew what was doing, Everybody were running from a desk to another, with sheets of papers in hands, and who was at desks, was typing with old typewriters, and from what we were seeing there was no any track of a computer or something that it looked like of it: we had wided eyes. 

We remained standing still, for a couple of minutes to look all that enormous greenish silverish room with each desk caged inside several white  small blocks united one another with iron poles, when a voice has asked us for which kind of lament we were came to reclaim. That question has been repeated once again when someone has pulled, our both clothes, and at end we have met our interlocutor. And once again it has made us that question, rolling up his eyes. That one we had in front was a sort of small insect with the police suit on, with a kind of illuminated shield on his back that was warning everybody of his passage, and his glance was always in movement, and he was waiting for our reply, that at end has came. Without Jack, we really didn’t know how to move, but for sure, we had to talk with the chief of this total apparent chaos.

“We need to talk to the chief for what has happened in front of Jack’s pub”, you said to that small creature, and when the Jack name has resounded in that large room, half office has stopped to do that one it was doing, and finally a bit of  order has fallen in that noisy police department.
Even the small creature has remained stunned, and now his small almond eyes were staring us, like most of the other creatures in that office. 

Most of the creatures were remained standing still in front of their typwriter with their paws on the keyboard, looking at us, just one of them got up on his feet, and with his glance, has followed us, along that open aisle, till the wooden door where there was an only golden plate on which it was written BOSS.

That small creature with the illuminated shield, has waited a couple of minutes, before to be noticed by  who was behind the door: he didn’t have not even knocked the door, when behind the door we have heard an annoyed “What’s up?!”, and without any cerimonial, that creature whom had accompanied us till that door, has opened it, and with the same tone of voice of the BOSS, has explained him the reason of our visit. And the big BOSS has beckon us to enter, and to sit in front of that desk, but before to begin to ask what he could do, has beckon us to listen to how it would ended  that operation that he was following through the  police radio.

We have could not say no: we were arrived till there, without be tearing apart by anyone, and at end we threw ourselves on the backrest, throwing away the air from the lungs. and delicately you have taken my hand.
Slowly we got relax.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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