Slowly i throw

Away all the air from the lungs: i’m feeling your closeness approach itself, and this bedroom is become lighter, and our heads are exploding at the same instants, despite we are so far.

Everything start really slow, but more the time pass, everything around, is turn faster, and our connection is begin to envelope us, and it’s begin to make itself hear inide our stomach, and our electric shocks begin to cross our minds

You are starting to feel me, and everything this, triggers something real magic between us.
I start to feel your arms that wrapping my belly, and your words are the most beautiful sound that my soul can perceive, and it make me close the eyes, and in those seconds i feel you that are pulling me toward more to you. 

Our hearts begins to beat like two jackhammers. 
I lean myself to your chest, and slowly, you turn me, and when our meet, everything stop. 

I think to what you have done to me. I leave ajar my mouth. I’m breathless, while you touching my legs, tightening my skirt, caressing my legs.
Our lips caressing each other. while everything around is about to explode, and we even. 

Slowly we awaiting for that small number where inside of it, bloom our connection.
We caressing our lips from far, and i can feel your hands tightening more my hips toward to you.
You sigh me: “Let’s wait for it” foreheads against foreheads: here it is again 
We are inside our connection.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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