“We were”- *3*

Leaving behind our shoulders the Jack’ pub with all noises in our ears, and we were projecting us inside an ambient where the traffic jams was intense and the sirens of the police cars resounding like an endless background.

Sanchez had directed us toward the opposite side from wher we were arrived, and he said to go always straight till a ruined wall and then turn to left and there we would have recognized our isolated boulevard. 

We had memorized all the directions he had gave us, but it seemed the longest shortcut we had taken, and we could still hear the shots of gun, and at each shot seemed that a star in the sky was exploded, and at each steps we have made, our heart could stop.

Finally we had met that ruined wall, and despite was night, we could glimpse that house, and we could hear his scary noises, even from the begin of that isolated street.

The street lamp along the street were turned off, and the only sounds we could hear, were the calm sounds of the crickets, and a pale light of the moon, was brightened our walk till that house. 
It hasn’t changed nothing from when we have left it. It seemed another place, another dimension, and even if we were concentrated ourselves, few city noise were audible.
Only birds and crickets were making hear themselves. 

When we were arrived at the end of that alley, we arrived, even in front of that old house, and his creakings has welcomed us. 
You have tightened strong the hand that you held, and for a long minute we have looked at the entrance. 
We had to cross a small path made by stones and across a couple of small wooden stairs to enter in.
We looked at us intensively, and at the same time we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and you in a whisper have said: “It’s only one of the oldest” and tightening more  my hand, and with a smile that have would convinced  whoever, i followed you. 

It seemed that someone had waited for us. It was still like the owners had left it: the light on, and from the furniture, we had understood that it was an house of creatures who could spend money. 
There were portraits of only two creatures who could seemed two big rhinos, but those portraits could even deceiving us, and for sure, we weren’t there to investigate who were the old owners. 
Only we had to take familiarity with the ambient, and for sure, we had to find the bedroom, and we knew, it was upstairs. 

The entrance was hosted, only two big rooms: one the right, and the other the left, and in front of the entrance a medium flight of stairs. We had looked at that stair, but before we wanted to take a look to those two rooms. I went in that one left side, and you to the other one. 

When i entered in that room, the first thing that has blew me has been the big fireplace placed the opposite side of the door, a big window skirted the side of the door, and a long sofa along the window. A small glass table was in the middle of two big chairs in front of  the fireplace, and above the fireplace itself, the same portrait but in the bigger size of  that one of  that one that was in the hall and it seemed the female of those two creatures. All adorned by a red velvety upholstery, and to the opposite of the big window another window with a white light curtain that was making a beautiful contrast with an open black piano. 
Along the wall that was skirted the small stair to the opposite wall, a colorful furniture with below many pictures of life lived, a big vase with purple, white and those that seemed black flowers. 

Slowly i went to the opposite of the room. I was attracted by that black piano, and more i was approached to it, i noticed that it had some green draws: it was asimple green line that symbolized a meadow, and there were simple daises puts in rows. That particular has made me felt an intruder, but the desire to tap a white key of that piano has been stronger than me, and softly a delicate sound has resounded in all that creaking house, and slowly i observed all the room, as if, i could see his reaction, nothing has happened, and i got back on my steps.

I have reached to you in that one that it was the library: and it was immense. You was enchanted by all those books of which you didn’t know not even the esistence, and the smell of the printed paper was impregnating that room.
That library had two or more levels of  shelves and  the classic mobile stair to reach each one of them with ease.
At the bottom of that big room below a small canopy, made of shelves, there was a big desk of solid wood with leaned up another pyle of book at both side of it, and behind a big leather chair, was the same portrait but bigger of that one we had see in the entrance. And this one was of the male creature.

In few minutes we were entered in that one that once was the life of those creatures that had left all their life, their habits, to escape from that inexplicable terror, and in those minutes we had understood how they were spending their days.  
As if, i had fear that someone could hear us, i have taken your hand, and i have whispered: “Let’s go up”, and you have left me drag you outside from that room from which you couldn’t take off your glance, but slowly i was been capable to pulled you out.

We remained in the hall, both astonished for what we had seen, and we have stared that small stair that was conducted to the second floor, and really slowly we have made those stairs, looking for to don’t think much to those creatures who were staring us from their portraits leaned on the wall of stair.”


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