Our connection

Is our hearts that are beating at unison, and our heads that are about to exploding at the same time, and your arms that are tighteneing my belly. And at the same time we hold back the breathe, then we throw it away from our lungs.

Your sweet words that enveloping me in the sweetest way possible, and everything become so soft. 
Our throat is closing and we have difficulties to swallow, and what we are seeing around is only our apartment in Our Parallel World, and there is concetring everything what we feeling one for another, and our soft punch in the stomach slowly is growing more.

You are looking at me, and i start to shake like a leaf. 
Our connection slowly is growing. Our minds are approaching, and slowly you are approaching to me. Your blue eyes don’t take off  from me. 
Our forheads are touching delicately. 
You are whispering my name, and your lips lean on mine, and i leave guide myself from you.
You are repeating my name like if it was the source of your oxygen, and i feel your hands tightening my hips more toward your body. 

Our eyes doesn’t take off one from another and slowly our breathes are increasing, while our slow dance begin. 
I close the eyes, while you are conducting toward that stair, that will bring us upstairs.
You sigh me to open the eyes and all in sudden, we are looking at each other, and soon after your lips kiss me passionately, while we arrive in bedroom, and you lean me on the matress. 
And everything become softer, and while our souls merging one in another. 

Our hearts are exploding, and our minds are communicating sweetly. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is tightening us, and slowly our connection is making itself always bigger.
I look at you and everything i can do is hold back the breathe, caressing your sweet face, touching your tiny neo, then an “I love you” is flying around us, when our lips are carressing once again. And it’s 19and19.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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