“We had” – *2*

Only nodded, and we had understood that we were been very lucky that that one had only look at us, but we had seen with our own eyes what power Jack was talking about.

Sanchez, has approached himself to our table, drying his greasy paws on his apron full of greasy spot, and he sat on the other wooden chair, and he taken off his chef hat, revealing so his entire face, and he remained for a bit in silence, contemplating the lucky we have had. Jack knew the reason of his astonishment, and after few minutes later, he explained us putting only few words puts in row: “Her sister was killed without a reason, the only reason we know it that she has stared one of them and the rest you can imagine”. 

We remained in silence: we have stared Sanchez, whom now, didn’t appeared like the creature that we were about to clash few hours ago. 
While Jack was explaining you all the rest of the matter, i looking at Sanchez, without making me notice, and in his aspect so rude, i was discovering a creature wounded, and his standoffish behaviour was only for his loss. 
Sanchez had a plump face and a reddish and yellowish skin with moustaches to the sparrow hawk and a flashy neo to the left side of his mouth, he reminded me a big pig, with a really profound black eyes, and when he has remember how it has happened, his gab had a spanish accent. 

I lost myself in his story, and in his words i relived all what he was telling us: the zone of the accident, the police with their cars with their red and blue lights that were making everything more tearing: only hearing to him, we could understand, just now the anxiety that could give that sound of the police car with the sirens going.
At end of his story, a tiny tear got wet his plump face, but he immediately got dry it with his greasy webbed hand, that i taken immediately after, while everybody has shared a glance, and those of Jack, but above all that of Sanchez was asking a concrete help to discover the killer of his sister, or at least to stop this madness.

“We will try” you said looking at me a bit scared,but you have tightened my hand, and you have beckon to whom were looking at us.
The buzz from the kitchen seemed had wrapped the whole pub, and it was resounding even inside our souls, and it seemed that was raised itself a sort of shield, and now the city noises, even those damned shots, seemed were from away. But, by now, knowing the real situation, we everybody knew it was an illusion.

Sanchez got up on his feet and he got back to finish to dry all the cups that he had cleaned: leaving the table, he thanked us with a “Muchas gracias”, and he got back behind the counter, throwing a glance, searching for to understand what we were saying to Jack. We were nodding to him, while he was explaining us, something that we wouldn’t wanted to hear, but really slow, we were understanding. 
It was better to get back from where we were arrived, and he asked the exact lcation, and when we have describe that house, he seemed more calm than before. He has shyly smile, and we with him, waiting for his further explanation.

“That zone has been one of the very first zone of the city that the smarter inhabitants has left. Now, not even, an ant live there, and even them, go there no longer. For you it’s the perfect place to hide, and that house can appear scary, but because it’s one of the oldest. Inside you can find a bed to rest in all tranquility. But i advice you to come out from the kitchen” he looked at us for an instant, the he screamed “Sanchez!” and his helper has came out from the kitchen, with his apron in hand and without asking, he has understood what he had to do. 

We got up on our feet, and we have looked at Jack still sat on that wooden chair, and he said: “Tomorrow i will looking for to make you meet one of the chief of the police. Now it’s better you go.” And so, we have left him, who was looking at around the empty pub. We have left him alone, while finally he was tasting that buzz that was came from the kitchen.

When we have met Sanchez again, he looked at us, asking only revenge, then he has re opened the second door, looking at himself around, while for an instants the city buzzes has entered in the pub. 
Murmuring he has indicated a shortcuts and waving his hands, has closed immediately that door. 
And  immediately we were threw in the darkness of that street, between shot of guns and a silence that has petrefied us.”


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