Our soft punch

In the stomach is about to grow. We can feel it, and i can feel your closeness. 

You are approach to me slowly, and when i feel your arms around my belly i hold back the breathe, and when i feel your arms are tightening me strong, close the eyes, and i throw away all the air from the lungs. 

My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and i have to stop me for a second. 
I lean myself on your chest, and you are tight me strong, as if you don’t want make me escape. 
“Where do you think i go?” I’m in the most beautifuland safe place. 

Our hearts slowly, begin to beating so strong. 
You turn me around, and our eyes meeting. Delicately i place my hands on your chest, and i look down. I stare that grey t-shirt, when i feel your sweet hand that lift up my face, and you smile at me. 

There is no need to talk. Everything we are saying, we make it, through our emotions, and small electric shocks are crossing us, and slowly our soft punch in the stomach is increasing each minute is pass.
Your closeness is making itself always more present, and without realizing i notice the clock… and the magic is about to accomplishing.
Everything is turning faster: our souls are about to merging one to another, and that’s why we are feeling our hearts going crazy. 

Slowly, we throw away all the air we have in body.
And i can feel your hands tightening me more to you. 

Without do nothing, you are startin to move my hips really slow…
And our connection has begin and once again the clock is  marking 19and19, and everything is exploding around us.

Despite we are far, our connection is stronger than ever, and we feeling us closer.
We throw away all the air we have in body.
We whispering our names, and we feel them.
We are shaking.  


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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