“We were looking at” -*1*

Us around, searching for to understand to indentify the better creature to get informations in which town we were happened, while we tasting that dishes that we had ordered.
In reality we were eating without think much to what we had in the dishes, but at least we were throw down something warm in the stomach, and really slow, we got relax ourselves for as much we could do.

In that crowded bar, the better creature to get information, was the only with whom we have had a kind of conctat, and he was the only who, from his main position, he threw some glances toward our table, and they were not gazes of who was checking that everything is ok, and we had understood it, and we had shared a beckon.
From what we had perceived, he knew everybody, and he knew everything what we would have like to know.

The owner was him, but he didn’t had hire nobody to help him behind the counter. It seemed, he made well all alone, and the only helper he had, it was that one energumen in the kitchen that we were about to clash.
We didn’t his name yet, but he came to us, as a good host to ask if everything was ok and if we had need something else, and taking off our empty dishes, he said: “I’m Jack, wait for me”, and he went away.

We knew, that he would have explain us everything what we would have to know, and we hadn’t any place to go in hurry.
He had many customers to serve, and the traffic jam outside the local was increasing hour after hours, and the police sirens were continuos. 
We had finished to eat even the bread in the basket, and for establish another contact with Jack you had shaked the small basket, and he nodded, and immediately he has brought it with another thing, that has made us remain astonish. A sheet of  a newspaper where it described the situation of that city: a real danger situation, where till now the police wasn’t able to solve it.

 The Jack’Pub was emptying really slow, and the buzz inside was disincresaing, and now the only noises the it were hearing to were those of the dishes in the sink and some chats of the last other creaturess whom were leaving, saluting Jack who was reccomended himself to everybody to look at themselves around, while the only costumers at their own tables were remained us.
And when  Jack has saluted the very last client, this one, has threw a strange gaze at our table, while Jack smiling him, and only when he was assured himself that he had turning the corner, he has locked the door, and he has threw a scream to his helper asking him if he had done the same to the second door, and he had, only a grunt, as reply. And as we had figured, it was happening each night. 

After only that grunt, Jack have could throw himself on a wooden chair, and take off that mask of the perfect barman, and without excuse himself, he came to our table, while the cook was came out from the kitchen settling the latest few things that Jack had left on the counter.
We attended to this scene in silence, only when in the whole pub it was hearing to a continuous far buzz that was came out from the kitchen, he settled better in front of us, and for a minute he looked at us, touching the newspaper in front. 

To break the silence, we have presented ourselves, even if we had the foreboding that he already knew our names, but he didn’t have say nothing, he has presented us only his helper: “He is Sanchez”, and we have beckoned. 
Only when from far we had listened to again  some shot, he has started to speak.
“The police has fallen in something bigger that not even, the smarter of them can’t manage. I open my pub every day, but the fear is in the air every time the police cars pass. They have the power the get slow down the time, when you meet their glance, and in that time lapse they can do everything they want: they have killed some inhabitants.”

Our blood chilled in the veins, and that rhino in that ambulance got back us in mind. 
I looked at you wide eyes, whispering your name, and you have tightened my hand more.  
Jack had intuited that we had met one of them, and he has met the petrefied gaze of Sanchez.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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