I feel you are coming next to me. You are looking at me without say nothing, but delicately, you tightening my belly from behind, and i  close the eyes. 

Our sweet connection is begin, and our sweet electric shocks are coming from far. From that world that we have  builded five years ago, and it begin to wrap us our souls.
Your blue eyes are staring me, as only they can do, and slowly our soft punch in the stomach is starting to growing inside us, and our connection is raising around, like a proctetive shield, and i feel your hands tightening me more my body. 

Each minute is pass, each perception of our connection become bigger, and now are our hearts starting to beat strong and at unison. 
More i hold back the breathe, and i close the eyes, more everything become opalescent, and your first electric shock is caressing my mind. 
I dive myself in your blue eyes, and softly i whisper your name, and everyhing is become easier. 
I place your hand on my chest, and delicately i sigh: “Do you feel it?” My heart is going crazy. 

You pull me toward your chest, and your hands tightening my hips stronger.
We look at each other, and we know that within short time our  connection will explode. 
Small electric shocks are opening the way, and in short time we will be swallow inside Our Parallel World. 
Another soft electric shocks, and our minds will connect always more. 
We are think each other each second. 
Our souls are approaching one to another.

And here it is… our slow dance is starting. 
And another electric shocks are crossing our minds. 

Our connection is here.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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