“We fallen asleep”- *prologue*

Without realizing that we were smateralizing us, and our bodies really slowly, we were leaving that dimension with all their creatures, without give them a really last time goodbye. 

Our sleep was so deep that in our minds we could only hear stranges sounds, and our connection, made by small eletric shocks were quickly crossing our minds.

We had no longer need of our ferryman longer. But he was HIM that directing us toward the new dimension.
And from very far we could hear shot guns. 
We were sleeping yet, but our hearts has begun to beat fast, and only when we have listened to the calm crickets sound, slowly we have opened the eyes, and only in that moment we have realized that we had travelled in the sleep. 
We have found ourselves in the middle of an urban bush.
We got up on our feet, but we remained in silence, while our electric shocks increasing each time we looked at one another. Some another shots of gun has echoed.

You have stared at my hand, and soon after i taken your. What we had in front was only an isolated house, and from there, were came out noises that we didn’t like at all: the main door was wide open, and from inside we could hear only noises the reminded us that hellish tower, so we have prefered to walk away from there.
Despite that house, it seemed a calm neighborhood, and from far we could hear urban noises, and slowly we have directed toward the end of that big boulevard.
From far a dog was barking, and we have thought that not far there was a small habitated neighborhood.

At end of that long isolated boulevard, it was opening itself in front of us a crossroads where cars, trucks were crossed each other. 
The noises were the same of the real world, but we were sure, that we weren’t got back in that world.
For now the only certainty of it, was that inside a sonorous ambulance, behind  the wheel, we had seen an enormous grey creatures, who looked like a rhino, and for the seconds has passed in front of us, his glance it has paralyzed us, and those seconds became minutes, and all the city noises were vanished. 

Petrefied we looked at each other, and we went on. We hadn’t spoken yet: we wanted understand better where we were ended; to understand with whom we could talk without appear the latest foolish arrived in town. 
We entered in a crowded bar, and you only have said: “Toilet?” and the bar man behind the counter has indicated a door just behind the begin of the counter itself. 
The barman wasn’t else that a thin lizard dressed perfectly like a real barman, that we have would could see in the real world: white shirt, black vest, a big cotton handkerchief around one of his paws and black pants, all adorned by a perfect white soft apron without not even a spot of grease. 

Entered in the anteroom of the toilette, we stopped, and i asked you: “Where we ended?” a bit scared.
You have tranquillized me with your smile, but i knew, you was disoriented more than me. 
“What were those shot of gun?” and just after i finished to say “shot of gun”, another shot closer than those before have resounded like echo in the city noises. 

I would liked to asked you to get back, in the in that isolated boulevard, and maybe it was the same thought that was running in your head, and with another small smile you have made understand that it was your intention. 
“But first we have to eat something… this time will not worst than the tower…” and with this last sentence you was been capable to snatch me a smile.
From the kitchen of that bar, some good smells were coming out. 
And with another smile you have take my hand, slowly we came out from that anteroom, just at the same time when an enormous brownish creature was about to clash with us.

It was the cook who was brought some dishes to the counter, but in his face wasn’t painted an happy gaze, on the contrary. He has murmered something not very nice to all the costumers of that bar, looking at whom was serving behind the counter, then he has looked at us, and his face it could read: “What will want these two”.

We have pretended nothing, and we have made him pass, and slowly we have choose a table, and we have choosed that one lesser in sight. On the table there was already a menu, and we have immediately taken it, not for read what we could eat, but for hid us from all that new creatures that we had to learn to know, as soon as possible.

After not only five minutes that we were sat, the Lizard-Barman has came to us to take our orders, and without made him ask what we would liked to take, you have ordered the first two things on the menu marked as “Our Specialities”, and the lizard gently has taken the menu and he went away.

You have taken my hand tighening it strong. We have looked at us, when the dishes were been brought at our table.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“In front of” – §epilogue§

“We were looking at” -*1*⇒

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