I’m throwing away

All the air i have in body, feeling your closeness around me. 
Sweetly i feeling your arms enveloping my belly, pulling it more to your chest.

My hands are shaking on this keyboard, and slowly you turning me around. 
You are looking at my hands and you are taken them, crossing them with your.

Our hearts are beating strong at the same time. 
Those small, but continuos eletric shocks that we have felt yesterday, were been so wonderful.
I have thought to you each time they have crossed my mind, and now our soft punch in the stomach is growing always more. 

Something will happen, i know, even you can feel it: we both can feel it.
Many runes are sorrounding me and they say me thet we are destined to stay together, despite our distance, and there are many signs, and those signs are our electric shocks, and everything is taking me in Our Parallel World, where i’m waiting for you, shaking my head, and i saying myself “How’s it possible” while everything is accomplishing itself around us.

From five years its happening, and i still don’t comprehend it. All this it’s magnificiently unexplicable, however is happening. 
I have to hold back the breathe, then i throw it away, and however i have not found a explanation for all wonderful thing yet. 

I,  only know, that our connection is the most stronger thing that has happened in my life.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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