“In front of” – §epilogue§

Those ruins we were embracing tight, and we giving a quick glimpse to everybody who were looking at us at their turn, without speak. 

The joy of those animals was vanishing, and it seemed that everybody tired, were got back in their own place to rest, after that bloody fight, and some of them, were get back in their own bush, to cure the wounded animals. 

We were saluting one by one, when they were passing in front of us. There was who did have say nothing, instead who have would liked spent many words only to thank us. They has stopped in front of us, and we noticed that they were about to say something, but then  didn’t have say nothing, then they went on, hesitating, they threw just a quick glance, and in that glance there was all their gratitude. 

We didn’t knew how long they were in that tower, and maybe, not even, we would never want to know it. Just in those glances, we had know that we had set free all them from a long time of imprisonment, and now give them “Goodbye” was harder than ever. 

There we hadn’t a place to rest, and sooner or later, we knew how the things would ended, but till they didn’t would happened, i looked at everybody searching for to catch each shade of our friends, and for that one it regarded me, i wanted collect every grunt of my big friend, and think to have to leave him there it was tearing  me apart my soul. His sweetness, despite his massive big body, and his way to express himself, it had blew me, and for what i knew, nobody outside, was looking for him.

I left your hand, and i went next to him, and he has take me in his big arms, and he looked at me imitating the sound of my name. I have smiled at him: i knew perfectly, he understanding everything, and slowly i begun.
“Since when we have decide to don’t longer return in the real world, we have met many creatures who has teach us many important things that in real world we have wouldn’t ever learn, and you my big friend have teached me one of the most greatest: even in these dimensions the kindness is one of the most beautiful act that one big creature can have toward another one, and you are the living proof. When i have found you, i immediately understood, that you have would been by my side till the end: you are a big great man, and for the time what we spent together i respect you much. I hope this dimension, at our leaving may completely vanish with all the evilness that has contained, and i hope you may find another place in which you can live peaceful. And i saying this, even for everyone else here. But i really hope to meet you again: you was been by my side in the moment in which i had needed someone”.
And slowly i caressed him, remaining in his large arms, looking at you. 

He was looking at me with an astonish glance. He would  wanted replied me, but the only thing has could repeating my name: imitating it with his grunts, and i snuggled myself  in his embrace.

We were everybody very tired: we had passed stressing hours, if no days, to understand how to come out from that tower. In reality we didn’t care if we fallen asleep, even, in the middle of that cemetery, but for our safety, Aura had adviced everybody to get back in that widening of that wood, and just after a quick glance of approvation we got up and slowly and sleepy we entered in the wood.
One by one we settled in circle, and i settled next to you, and delicately you have embraced me tight, caressing my thighs below the dry skirt. 
Sighing my name, you have looked at me, and slowly you have kissed me passionately. 

Only in that moment we were really find us again.”


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