And our connection begin, with a slow electrick shock, and our soft punch in the stomach become stronger. I can feel your closeness closer than ever, and in someways, i can feel you perceive my excitment. Your heart is beating strong with mine, and your smile is giving me more strenght, and almost i get emotional
It thanx to you that everything this is becoming true.

That one small eletric shock i felt before, i know was you. 
I feel your closeness around in this bedroom. 
I have to hold back the breathe. 
Delicately another electric shocks  are crossing our minds, and i feel your hands are enveloping my belly.

Our hearts are beating fast, our eyes meeting, and delicately you are taking me. 
Our heads are touching, and your sweet words are snuggling me, while everything is vanish, and our apartment it raising itself around us, and your hands are starting to move me, while your lips are approaching to mine, and everything is vanish around.

The only things that we  are listening to are our hearts: they are beating at unison, while another eletric shocks are crossing our minds. and another one, and one more yet.


Listen to it  ⇓⇓

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