The vise

Is tightening itself always more, and i don’t want see the clock, but i know, within minutes will be 19and19, and our connection will start to overwhelming our souls.

I throwing away all the air in my lungs.
I’m feeling your closeness making itself stronger.
I feel your hand are tightening my body, and our heads are about to explode at the same time. 

19and19, and our eletric shocks, slowly are crossing our mind, and our soft punch in the stomach is chocking us from inside. 

Everything is arounding. We don’t understand anything. Everything is confuse, but our connection is the only thing that hold us united. 

I hear your voice inside me, and it’s how it have to go. 
Everything is confuse, but i hear you say me to close the eyes, and i feel your hands around my hips

You start to move me, and everything vanish.
Our hearts are start to beat at unison. 

Smiling, you look at me, and delicately you whisper: “Breath with me”. 
And everything vanish, while delicatly we enter in Our Parallel World.
Your eyes straight into mine.
Breathes that are merging one in another.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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