“Now it was” – §23§

Only time to wait for. The tower was entirely collapsed and where once it was raised, were only ruins, and bodies teared apart everywhere.

The sounds of the  animals of the forest were resounding among those bricks, making seeming their sings, more than a chant of freedom, a chant of those bodies, as if, their souls reclaim their own freedom, and under that pouring rain, their souls were caressing our wet bodies, and in those caresses, in their own way, thanked us for got them set free.

In silence, we were looking at that fearful show, and we could feel their cold passage, each time their souls passing next to us. 
It was a slow show, and that cold spiral that was wrapping everybody, were their souls that were taking the flight to go in another place.

You was embracing me tight, and we were looking at those two bodies of those creatures that had searched for get us in trap: we were totally wet, but we were there yet, hoping that their souls asked us to forgive them, but nothing was came out from their bodies. They had really intention to violenting me, and making you see everything.
After a bit we looked at each other, and we have seen my big friend worry about me, and really quick, he came next to me, and you have smiled, thanking him.

It seemed everything was over: everybody were licking their own wounds, in their own corner, but someone was waiting  for something else, and he wasn’t the only one. 

Under those rubbles it was came out nobody more: we had supposed that the jailers were dead, falling from the top of the tower, or escaping the tower was collapsed killing them. 
We have waited for another minutes, while a silence was covering all around, and the rain was disincreasing, becoming a soft dew making us slowly get dry.

Slowly, you and me have put ourselves in front where once was the main entrance, and one by one our friends have approached to us. 
Few parts of the tower were reimaned standing, it could hear the raindrops that were falling along the gutters, but like a balance, drop by drop, they were making collapsing that last part, and all in a sudden, when the last drop has made overflow that imaginary bowl, a beam of soft bliding light has sorrounded everybody, and astonished, we have seen all the animals of the forest get set free themselves from long chain that held them to the tower, and now they were manifesting their own freedom, flying everywhere, even in the middle of us, making flutter our clothes, and running among our legs. 
They running happy, went to everbody who smiling to them, and despite we were completely soaked, something it has warmth our heart. 

We had exceeded, even this proof, and to see all those animals around, was the most beautiful thing we could attend, even if, we were surrounding by the death yet.

When the Owl has leaned himself on the begin of the drain, by now, destroyed, we have seen his invisible chain to the paw crumbling and vanish. 
He only has looked at us with his yellow big eyes, and then he went away. 
We knew that it was the last time that we have would seen him.

I tightened me more to you, and slowly we have reached the others.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“We didn’t” – §22§

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