“We didn’t” – §22§

Knew what we were about to do, with those batons in hand, but immediately after, when one of those creatures had taken one of my legs, and they had make me fallen in the middle of those bricks, looking for to bite me, it has exploded all my anger, and  without thinking much i started to hit him with all my force, and i had put him out of the game with a blow inside his mouth, and all his blood came out in a gush.

I believed that that one slaughter was useless, but when from behind your shoulders, one was about to attack you, quickly i got up, and i started to fight with him, and right after you turned around, and together, we have gave him a mortal blow, and even him has fallen to our feets. 

It was unleashed another hell, and the pouring raing was creating an atmosphere more cruent than that one we had could imagine, and we weren’t only one whom were fighting against creatures bigger than us, but those came out from the tower, were a bit more bewildered than us, and this it was giving us an small advantage, but what that made us feel confused, was they seemed endless, and below the collapsed tower came out more creatures than the tower could contain. 

With those weapons that we had obtained from massive branches, we were tearing apart each creature who hurling against us: in the of that chaos i had learned your main move, and even for me it working: from down to up, and then as a backhand shot, the coupe de grace, and they fell on the ground, dead. 

Much of them came out, already dying, and we had to wait only to see them die without not even fight, but others had still an anger that it would could tear apart whoever was in front of them, and pretending to die one of them was fallen next to me, and without realizing of him, because i was looking at you who was fighting against another, whom seemed one of the stronger, and when i was about to come to help you, i felt something that have stopped me, and i fallen on the ground, and it has overwelmed me.

Immediately, i felt something among my thighs snatching my panties. It had easily, blocked my hands with his four, and with the other two, it was lifting my skirt, and if i hadn’t screamed aloud, something slimy, it have would penetrate me inside. I screamed once again, while you still was hardly fighting against that creature who seemed be together with that one was about to violenting me.

A force stronger than everything else, has exploded inside you, while that creature was blocking you in front of that brutal show that was about to happen below your eyes, while the companion was about to violate my body.
In a fragment of second you have set free yourself, killed with one only shot that one who was held you, and you had brutally killed who was above me. 
After that, a silence has fallen around, and your words: “Are you ok?” were resounding around us, while the fight continuing yet.

Delicately you have settled at best my skirt along the legs, and when your hands were about to move away, i held them, and i held one of them among my thighs, and i have soft opened the legs, closing the eyes, leaving that my thought entering in you, without say nothing, and slowly our heads touched.

Like something that disappears, that sensation has exploded, and the rain has started again to get wet us, while screams has wakened us still more, right after we have take again our weapons, and we went to help our friends, whom by now, were in the Aura’ zone, and were fighting hardly.

Even the small creatures were doing their best to defeat each survived creature from the collapsing of that tower. 
But now, it was only matter of time. 
“Were dead the jailers?” was the only question that was running in all that minds of those worthing warriors”


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“Now it was” – §23§⇒

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