Your sweet

Embrace has wake me, and your closeness is around in this bedroom. 
What you have write last night, about the shack, has awakening again me inside me, the very first time i had dream that building made of sheet metal, and slowly everything has come back in mind, and now i know what i wrote in my novel is approached itself much to the reality, and everything i feeling, isn’t only fruit of my imagination.

Something bigger than universe itself, want us united, also if we are living distant one from another.

Our connection is speaking to us. 
Today double numbers has wrapped me, in every angle i seen them, and now i’m questioning what did they  meant, and i know there is a profound meaning, and it is uniting us profoundly. 

I feeling your closeness, and sweetly i feel your hands around my belly. I have to close the eyes, and throw away the air from the lungs for don’t crazy. 

Slowly, our hearts are beating at unison, and our souls are communicating really delicately. 
If we close the eyes at the same time, Our Parallel World is lift itself around us, and we in front the big window, remain standing to look at each other, and we waiting for that our own emotions swallowing us inside, while we start that one that is our slow dance. 

Slowly we disappearing.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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