“When we” – §21§

Have seen all those animals reunited around us, a shy smile has printing itself in our faces, and astonished we have looked at that small creature with the yellowish eyes, and without none explanation, we had understood the reason of his incarceration: a creature so small with a power so big, was so dangerous for whoever had wanted to collapse each kind of magical  empire. 

From those few beings we were, we were became really many, and those animals hadn’t need to have further explanations: their leader was him, without not even speak, was explaning everything what they have would do, only making brighter more or less his glance, and now that the others, including us, had understood how his way of communications worked, we were thinking where we had to place. 
We had to only to look for something to use how weapons to defend us, and look for something to use to make collaspse that tower. 

My big friend was ready to run toward the drain to hit it, for the very first time, but the latest words of Aura were been of warning: “Everybody at the same time of the thunder”, and the flying animals were ready to take, each creature caged yet inside. 
From long time, they had learn to distinguish the creatures whom had to be set free, and those instead, who deserve to remain in that tower. Their duty, maybe was the most complicated, but they have would put in safe more creatures possible. 

Each one was looking at Aura, like the leader of that little army: seemed she had fought many battles like that, and she didn’t have fear to get dirty his beautiful little face, and to came out from another battle with another small scars on his candid skin.
She was very decisive, and ready to make collapse that hellish machine. 

Inside that small woods, only the big raindrops were capable to enter, and get wet the topsoil. 
By now, we hadn’t need no longer of the big leafs of the small creature, who  was waiting for wrapping them again, patientely in his strings, and when a big lightening has been capable to enter the dense forest, followed by an enormous thunder, every our glance has stared Aura whom has said: “It’s time. Let’s make collapse it!” and quickly everybody has taken their place. Me and you were a bit distant, but always close. We have smiled each other, and when you have sighed: “I love you”” the very first big thunder has made start that one, that Aura had named “The Collapstion”. 

With his first warhead, my big friend had made start a concatenation of events that they have would ended, to the top  the tower, and the animals of the forest, leading from the yellowish eyes creature, would be ready to enter to distract first the jailers, and then the faster, have would set free the other creatures caged in the tower yet, making increasing our army.

We listening to the laughs of my friend, and we knew he was enjoy himself , while we were using all our forces to destroy the side of the tower, and little by little, seemed we succeeding: pieces of brick were breaking below our eyes, and more we were looking at them falling on the ground, our desire to hit that wall soon after, became stronger, but we had know to have to wait another big roar of the following thunder, and we had to wait that tower came shaked from another warhead of our friend for to hit it again with all our force. 

From the opposite side there was Aura who was waiting for the same thing, and little by little, that hellish tower was folding itself at his own inside, and gradually the laughs of my big friend resounding in all that building, while the caged creatures, were brought out from the animals of the forest: some of them were wounded, and some  were ready to make collapse it: thunder after thunder, but above all warheads after warheads, that death tower, slowly has collapsed below our eyes.

It had finished to exists, but inside of it there were lives yet, who were looking for to come out.
We knew that it wasn’t over. 
Under a pouring rain, we were waiting for other creatures, and when they are appeared, below that bunch of bricks, for a quick second we have looked at each other, then with that one we had in hand, we hurled against them.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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