“That woods” – §20§

Seemed more sinister than the tower itself, but it was the most peaceful place in which we were. 
We had lifted the faces, and the moon that we were seeing was covered by a soft mist, and  all the sounds inside of it were of animals that weren’t get used to be wake during the night, and some of them were really fearful, but for sure we were more in safe inside of that wood than next the drain, visible to whoever were inside of the tower.

From when we have found ourselves again, we hadn’t taken off our hands and now we were staring our friends, each one, dived in their own thoughts, looking for a way to destroy that hellish machine.
Our glances turned round toward the small creature, who me and my big friend, had rescued, looking at all the documents that he was tightening between his small paws. 

The Owl had brought us in a widening of the woods, where in the middle there was a tree trunk, ready to be used, and everybody was stared the small creature, who seemed frightened by all those glances: you was about to do something, but i stopped you, and i took a quick glance at my big friend, who understood immediately what to do. 

In the cell him and the small creature, after that shy smile, seemed they were bound by inexplicable affection for, and so my friend approached himself to him, and with his grunts, he asked to make show us all those leafs on which he had noted every his calculations, and in their speech made of grunts, and squeaks,  they have made us understand what it could be the weak point of the tower.
Point where we would could begin our attack: Aura approached herself more to the tree trunk, and with a gentle smile to the small creature, has begun to draw in each one’s mind, a plan well defined.

We weren’t an army, and once out from the tower, for sure, we could not got back inside again, but by one thing we everybody were sure: the room where our jailers resting, was placed at the top of the tower, and before to descending all the building, they have would took long time, unless that they hadn’t a shortcuts, but this we didn’t know.
So, Aura looked at once again that big leaf placed on the tree trunk, and she has gave us precise orders, and places to take, on base on what we would could have do. 

In according the calculation of that small creature, the wall in which was sliding the drain, was one of the portant, and if we were been capable to give it, even a small shake, making fall even some tile of the roof, maybe, the entire structure, have would begin to collapse, brick by brick.
And here i begun to stare my big friend, smiling at him. He had understood that it was arrive the time to testing how powerful his warheads were, and he seemed ready to go next to the drain immediately, but with another shy smile i stopped him, and he got backward. 

Looking at the small planimetry, Aura was studying the other possible positions to take, and for what we knew, they were just three.
We had excluded the small creatures, of which we had know the big intelligence of one, but we hadn’t discovered the pontential of the other yet, but as if he knew it was the time to show us what he have would could do, his yellowish eyes became brighter, and illumunating that small piece of woods, has reunited all kind of species of animals around, even them chained from the tower’s enchant, and all in a sudden from a poor army, we were became those who would destroy definitely that tower with few warheads, and staying in other nevragical points of that hellish machine.

Now it was the time to act.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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“When we” – §21§⇒

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