“Still 19:19”

And i feel your closeness around me. 
Small eletric shocks are crossing our minds, and something inside us is tightening our souls one to another. 

I feel your hands sweetly pulling me toward you, and our soft punch in our stomach is tightening itself more, and our hearts are starting to beat strong. 
I know you are in this bedroom, and you are looking at me. 
I don’t turn around, but i feel your eyes are set on me.
Your thoughts are coming to me, and i start to shake.

Slowly, you are whispering me to close the eyes, and delicately i feel your hands surrounding my hips.
Delicately you are speaking to me: my fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard. 
Softly are vanishing, and everything is transforming in our apartment, and the big window is waiting for us. 

You take my hand, and without speak: slowly we enter in that soft spiral where we exist only us.
Your hands, delicately are tightening my hips, and you are pulling me toward you. 
Both we close the eyes, and we starting to dance our slow dance.
We throw away all the air from the lungs, and when we open the eyes, what we are feeling is become stronger, and everything around is tightening us one with another, always more, and we feel our souls are changing one with another, and we remain astonish, for what we are feeling. 
It’s something that is growing inside us, and it becoming always bigger.

What we are feeling it’s Our Parallel World inside, and around us.
It’s became part of our souls, of our beings by now from five years.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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