“I was only” – §19§

The second  to jump in that drain, and i didn’t knew whai i would have met during that jump. 
I was only realizing that  what i was smelling, it was smell of death, and more i was going down, that smell was chocking me.
Many times i held back the breathe, but more i was doing it, more, i realized that it was useless. That smell was entering in my guts, and my stomach was rebelling itself, but the only thing that was lifted me the soul, was that after that at the end of that drain, i would could embraced you again, even with a bad smell on.

But that path, as much as it was a freedom way, it was full of pieces of bodies teread apart, and i had made me space among those bodies, that were remained stuck along the drain by the clotted blood, and some of those pieces seemed have chasing me, setting free a big part of the only drain of that tower. 
I was exceeding pieces of bodies that i hadn’t not even recognized, and at each part unrecognizable, my heart went crazy.

I had need to hear your voice, and so i screamed your name. While i was sliding myself in the drain i had to wait only few seconds to hear your voice once again, and in that moment the smell, the dead creatures that i was looking at scared, seemed only a minimum part of that nightmare that was about to end.

Despite i was inside the drain yet, i could feel the new air that was entering in the last part of it, and when  i have seen the real end of that tunnel, nothing and nobody it would stopped me, not even the most disgusting dead creatures, in which i was sinking the hands, in their teared apart bodies. 
Without thinking much, then i cleaned my hands on my, already dirty clothes, and when i came out from that drain, my heart stopped for a second. 

You was there, with all the clothes full of something that i didn’t figured what it was.
In those moment we smelled of blood mixed of guts or something worst, but we didn’t really care. 
Our hearts have begun to beat strong, and they seemed splashing out from our bodies, and only when you approached to me, all that nightmare seemed, for real a nightmare, and we were only awakening ourselves.
We were looking at one in another, without think to the others, but when a big aftershock has made shake the tower, we have thought to call the others,: they had to slide in that drain.

The two small creatures, hadn’t any problems, to slide inside that drain: in few minutes they were out, and seemed the lesser dirty.  Whom had some problems has been my big friend, but has been Aura to pushed him out from that drain. 

At end, they had pulled out some dead bodies, and when my big friend has put one of his bare foot on the ground, he hadn’t noticed that he had trampled on one body slice fallen on the ground, and from that one has splashed out one gush of blood, getting dirty everybody. 
For a minute, we everybody have smiled, but we knew that we were playing with the fire, and right after we looked at each other seriously. 

We had know to have exceeded one of the most dangerous part of a plan, still bigger and still dangerous.
I had taken your hand, as if it was my only anchor in all this matter, and sweetly you have smiled, while the owl was going down from a branch of  a dark tree around there, and he settled himself on the exit of that drain and he has wanted see how we would make to the next step, while other big aftershocks was adjusting the tower from his own inside.

We were still in front of that drain, and a soft rain had started to fall again, and slowly my big friend has came next to me to give me his shelter, and he had smiled to you. “He has protected me all the time, since the first time we met” i explained softly: he grunted, while those aftershocks were became more frequent.

Now it was arrived the time to looking for a hid place, and the owl was there just for that.
He has taken the flight and Aura said everybody to follow him, and we entered in that dense forest, where, even the rain had difficulty to get wet the ground.”


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