“The owl” – §18§

Was looking for to explain us something that we didn’t comprehend behind the thick glass of which was made that tiny window, but the only thing we had understand it was that regarded the door. 

We have looked at the small creature who had asked us, to  pull out, some of his leafs, but that there was nothing regarding a door. 
His caculations weren’t so precise.

We hadn’t spoken yet, because we had heard some buzzes behind that door, but what we were hearing it seemed, just another buzzes of that tower.
But when in those buzzes, i heard something familiar, very familiar, i asked to all my friends a bit of silence, and really slow i approached and i laid the ears to the door to listen to: my heart has stopped, my eyes got wet.

From very far, like in our cells, i had perceive your voice speaking with someone else, and when i have stared the owl outside, his face has changed expression, maybe it was that one, that he tried to say me.

Our small creature had right. Going down, we would have reached to the other block of the tower.
Listen to your voice has gave me more faith in that adventure, that till now, it has been a real nightmare.

Even from our side there was a key inserted in the keyhole, and even us, had tried to turn it but something seemed blocked it. 
All in a sudden, from your side, you have noticed that the doorknob turning, and a deadly silence has fallen between you Aura and the yellowish eyes creature.
At the contrary to your side, really slow my big friend was opening the door, but something otherwise terrificant was happening: little by little, you were losing ground below the feet, and you were about to fall inside something darkest of the cells we were been throw the first time.

That buzz was increasing always more, and when it was become almost deafeaning, you have screamed:” Stop, don’t open it more!” 
I stopped my friend, and i sighed your name.
Finally we were found each other again. but that damned door was dividing us yet.
We were everybody ok.

Getting back to the reality, Aura has explained us, exactly what was happening if we had opened more that door, and at end, the small creature has pulled out from his envelope of leafs, one of them and he looked at it, as if, it was the most mysterious of his document, but, after have opened it, and staying in that precise place, everything was clearest in his mind.
“In the middle of this door there was a mysterious tunnel, where all dead creatures are going throw away. That’s why all those aftershocks. It’s this tunnel. and to go out, one of us have to fall to make do the same thing to the others” he said, while i looked at my big friend and the small creature who seemed astonished for what he had as soon discovered, looking at that leaf to which till now he hadn’t given a solution.

After that quick explanation, a cold coldest than that one it was breathing, among those walls, has fallen between us, and your hand made his appearence behind that door, and delicately we touched for the very first time. We held back the breathe, for the throw it away at the same instants, and we have tightened stronger our hand, and we have whispered once again our names. 
In our deep, we knew, would you been the first to jump in that tunnel, to assure yourself that at the end of it we have wouldn’t meet some bad surprise.

Aura would have wait for, flying with the yellowish creature in her arms, and she would make jump everybody, and she would be the last one. 
While we were taking courage, the owl from outside was looking at everything, and the last one thing he could do was to waiting for everybody out of that tower, but before to left us, he wanted to see that my big friend opened the door. And now for real, that sensation to loose the ground below the feet, was becoming true, and really fast, your hand was vanishing once again, and i sighed your name, covering my mouth.

After a big stroke, that door has wide opened, and between the two entrances, that black hole that wasn’t else the drain of those dead bodies, and soon after i looked at everybody, and looking at especially my big friend, i said, throwing away all the air i had in body: “I wait for you”, and without thinking much, i threw myself in that black drain.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“We knew”- §17§

“I was only” – §19§⇒

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