I throw away

All the air i have in my body, and i close the eyes, and sweetly i feel you arrive, embracing my belly. 
For a bit, you stay in silence, making me savouring your perfume, while you are starting to whisper something that make me go crazy. 

Sweetly i feel your arms are pulling me always more toward you, and our hearts starting to beat strong, and slowly are starting to beat at unison. 

Our heads are turning, and what we are feeling is being born from the stomach: always from there.
We enter like inside in a sort of trance, and everything around us vanish. 
Just our minds are in communication, and what we are feeling, is the begin of our connection that is rising from the stomach, and slowly arrive into the brain, and our electric shocks begin to cross our minds. 

I feel your arms around my belly, and you are feeling my words wrapped by my emotions. 
Our feeling are merging one another. and our minds are become only one, while we are throwing away always stronger the air we have in the lungs.

Our connection is become always stronger, and we feel us belong one to another each day is passing by.
I feel your hands are tightening me more to you, and i speaking to you everything what i’m feeling for you.

Our connection  is becoming stronger: we feel us closer despite this distance that is divide us. 
It begin from there. and it is chocking us in deepest way.
We have to close the eyes and throw away the air from the lungs for don’t go crazy.
We thinking one another profoundly in these instants: our heads are exploding at the same time.
This is our connection.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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