What i’m feeling

In these instants is one of the deepest emotion i’m feeling in all what is happening between us.
It’s come from the stomach and really it’s growing inside, and i know it’s the same for you.

If we close the eyes, we can perceive our minds that are communicating one with another, and our connection is wrapping us. 
I can feel your hands are pulling me toward to you stronger than usual. 
Our connection that always begin from the stomach, is one of the most beautiful feeling we are feeling in these instants.

I can feel your hands are tightening my belly, and your desire to stay closer to me is tangible in this room. Your whisper words are hammering my head, and our souls want just one thing. 
We feeling our heart beating at unison, and our heads are, slowly exploding at the same time. 
What we can only can do is just close the eyes, and throw away the air from the lungs, and feel our souls approach one to another, and your hands are tightening me always more, and i can feel it.

Our souls slowly are merging always more: i can feel your heart beating always harder inside my chest, and you can feel mine inside your, and finally our electric shocks, are filling those empties, and they are making us always more close than before.

Our emotions are become always bigger, and sometime we don’t know how to manage them, and here it is  another double number: it is arounding us. 
We can feel our thin rope making itself, each day bigger and stronger. and it’s bonding us from there: from the stomach, and we can feel our hands are tightening us always more stronger. 

We remain to stare at one another, while our bodies are approach one another always more, and our hands are touch our skin, and everything around is merging with us.
Our silent dance begun, while our kisses are caressing our lips, and our hearts are exploding, making us feel in Our Parallel World.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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