“We knew”- §17§

That, by now, it was a run against the time, and now it was matter of time, and in few hours, and if we had lucky, at maximum after a day, it would be unleash another slaughter, and maybe someone of us, it would be fallen in the middle of it, and for this reason, me and my big friend, were staring that small creature, who was entered again in his cell with all those leafs in his tiny paws laid on his small white chest: some of those leafs were falling on the ground, when our glances has asked him to  follow us.

My friend has entered in the cell, helping him to collect those very important leafs, and while they were collecting the last one, between them was crossing a shy smile. 

Me, i was waiting for them on the treshold, listening to the aftershoscks of the tower, and in my face, was painting itself a scared glance. 
I had learn to distinguish those noises, and what i was hearing to, it didn’t like me at all.

I had heard some voices that were came from up, and those voices, were the only distinguable from the others grunts, and they weren’t announcing nothing good.

The small creature had collect every leafs, and he had enveloped them in a string: my friend has wanted to helping him with all those documents that he had in his small paws: he looked at me, as if, he wanted i asked to the small creature, if he could to hold some of those important leafs.
He hadn’t replied me, but he had only issued acute sound, and he has tightened more all those documents to his small body, looking at me with those big black eyes. 

We were  about to leaving that widening, when the small creature has looked at inside the cell, and he has give the last glimpse to all those walls full of his calculations. 
He was staring at them, as if, he was  reviewing each thing that he had wrote on it. 
I didn’t wanted put him hurry, but it was, really, time to go, and i looked at my friend, who immediately has grunted at him, and he has nodded. 

Went down, i finally looked at better that small furry creature, who had asked to my friend to keeping some of his documents. 
He was really small, and his body was covered by some of kind of white and brownish fur, but i was sure that it wasn’t fur. I had time to study it, going down, floor by floor: and his skin was a sort of luminiscent skin, and his big eyes were so dark that i thought to have seen part of the unknown universe. I scared, and for a bit, i stopped. We didn’t have talked, but when we have shared some glances, my heart has started to beat strong, and immediately my thoughts went to you.

We down several floors, and from outside we had heard some roaring, ad some lightening were illuminating the inside of the tower from the few small window placed along the tower itself. 
That scenario was one of the scarest that i had seen, since i was there, and when the rain has started to enter from the gutters, our big friend has been our only shelter. 

We couldn’t stop, just in that moment: we had to go down more floors possible, and now it was become harder, but not impracticable: we had to protect all those documents. 

We stopped for organize us better, while the roaring made shaking, and the lightenings, with their lights, tearing apart the tower, making us see what we were doing. 
Most of the documents were been well enveloped, and put in the pants of our friend, and i’ve been taken by him, and among my arms i had the small creature, and everybody of us, were embraced by that big arms of that creature, who carefully was going down stair by stair, while the aftershocks were became more frequent than usual.

When the small creature has only said: “They getting ready”, we had understood everything, without that he added else, and there was a quick glance between me and my friend, who got accelerated his walk.
After a moment of silence that seemd last an eternity, i have noticed, that one that it could looked like a window, and i have indicated it to him. 

I remembered what the owl had said me, and i sighed: “That one is the last one window of the tower, the owl is waiting for us… let’s go”, and the walk of our friend, was become faster.

A lightening was teared apart the inside of the tower, while a flapping of  wings was tapping the small window, drawing stranges shadows of the opposite wall.
We were arrived at the end of the tower: we were so happy to meet again the owl, that we hadn’t noticed a wooden door in front of us.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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“The owl” – §18§⇒


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