“What you” – §16§

Have heard, was the most deafeaning silence that the tower could issuing, despite all the sounds of the forest around of it, and all in a sudden, you have stared who you had in front, astonished. 
That silence had taken everybody by surprise, and when you have say: “It need to make something, and in hurry” you was only thinking to me. 

That image and that deadly silence was piercing you from part to part, and you couldn’t image a life in a magical dimension without me, and after these thoughts, you have looked at Aura, who was spyging behind the door.
She was listening to only, those aftershocks, and then nothing else. Even after those big noises, a dreadly silence.
She has opened the door, and only blows of winds were turning in that stairwell: they sounded like ghosts presences. 

Slowly she came out, and made you sign to go out too: the last one, has been the creature with the yellowish eyes, who stopped, just to the door, and he seemed wanted to get back inside the cell: despite was a place’ torture, that cell was the only place, to which he got used to it. 

He was looking at himself around, scared than others, and those shivers, he was feeling along his back, wasn’t an only a suggestions, but he knew, that were the souls of whom was passed away: they were ghosts, condamned to wander forever in that tower, if nobody of us had make something.

At certain point, in your mind have printed itself somehing that has terrified everybody, and they have looked at you as if you had right, but nobody wanted to admit it.
There was nobody at chief of that tower, of that empire of fear: it was only the last place of the magic was going to die. There was nobody who wanted killed the magic: it was only that everybody was loosing faith in those small things that were making their lives magic, and each time one creature was facing up to another, killing it, the magic world was disincreasing, and that image has petrefied everybody all in a sudden.

You stopped, and in a sigh: “Maybe it isn’t so”, and you have looked at everybody, then: “Maybe he got wrong, but one thing he has right: the beautiful things are disincreasing, and we must to destroy this tower”. Had said the yellowish eyes creature, looking at everybody astonished.

Aura wanted say her own opinion, but in that stairwell, it was better to run than to engage a philosophical speech, and she looked at everybody, and without say nothing, has made everybody understand that now it was time to run, but after exceeded few stairwell, everything has stopped itself. The run, your hearts, your thoughts, and your glances has started to look at themselves around, looking for to understand how to continue. 

In front of you there was a simple wooden door, with a key inserted in the keyhole: the door seemed even fragile, but it was all appearence. Each one of that small group has tried to turn the key, but it seemed blocked inside. 
Aura, who had faced up to one of the greatest creature with an incredible ease, after a bit, has give herself up, and she has looked at you, and without asking, you have understand what she was asking you to do, and slowly, she has moved away from the door, and you have taken a minimun of run up to breakdown that apparent fragile wooden door. No crunch of yielding was heard on the second shoulder strike, and a little pain was painting on your face, but you have wanted try once again: one, two, and at the third time, you have touched yourself the painful shoulder.

It seemed you was arrived at terminus, and looking at everybody, has escaped from your mouth: “And now?”
That door seemed the most fragile door of the building, on the contrary, and you was sure that behind of it, there was the begin of the other block of that tower, and delicately you have whisper my name, hoping in someways, it could reaching me.

Everybody else has looked at you in silence.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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