“After” – §14§

Closed the door, all those noises from outside, from that stairwell, seemed vanish, and you have approached yourself more to that creature who seemed know what was saying, and he has looked straight into your eyes, then has looked at Aura who was at the guard of the door, a bit distant.

Slowly, everybody present, were arrived to the same point where the owl, had brought us, to the opposite of that tower.
It had to be destroy in all the way possible and very soon.

The creature was trusting himself more to you, and you was kneel in front of him, waiting for he expose still other things, while you was thinking how to proceed.
At this time, organize an attack plan was fundamental to survive in that dark building. 

“Do you hear it to?” he asked. You have looked at him first then Aura, always next to door, then you got back to stare the creature with a questioning face. 
“This deadly silence” he replied to his own question. 
Without realizing, you have paid attention just in those instants at that silence that was scaring, interrupted, only by some noises that could sounded like aftershocks of the tower itself, but after that, the only rythmic sounds you have heard to, were your breathes, that were going at unison, making so appears one only heavy breathe, to whoever was passed behind that brick dark door.

“This silence, could be appears peaceful, but is the most scare of the silences. Who is remained inside the cells, knows perfectly that in the next wave, of new prisoners, will be them to be throw in the fray, and some few of them will survive.  Being the first prisoner of the tower, i have learn many lessons that the others hadn’t the time to learn. 
The first times, these massacres were lesser frequent than in these latest times. Now those jailers has got perfectioned their hunt, and if we don’t study a plan, all the magic dimension will disappear, really quick”.
At those latest words, you have added in a whisper: “and even us” thinking especially to me and you, whom we had prefered to live in those dimension than real one, and in those instants your mind has got back in that black hole where HIM had formulated that fateful question, and in your mind, you had seen again, all the other creatures that we had met in the previous dimension.

In your mind has drawed itself a painting that was decribing perfectly that tower. 
An enormous black hole in which were dying all those creatures, sucked inside an endless vortex made by sufference, and pain.
The yellowish eyes creature was staring at you, and he knew perfectly, what you was thinking. He could see in your glance, all the worry you had for your beloved, and what you wanted to do, would be immediate, if only you knew from where you could start. 
And the same glance has painted itself on Aura face, who really slow, was approach herself to him, looking astonished the creature without hope. 

“I have heard many creatures died uselessly, only because they were the most scared, and they didn’t know how to defend themselves. The very first time, i have had to kill some of them, but then i have learned to rebel me against the jailers. Each time they opened the door, they hoped that i fold myself to those screams, coming out killing some one, but it’s arrive the time to do  something real concrete.
These dimensions are disappearing quickly, and us with them”. 

Everything what he was saying to you and Aura, was painting itself in the middle of the room, and that one that it would been the end, it has chocked you. 

A vortex really fast was sucking everything and everyone, among a real big noise made by screams and fear, then all that, sucked from its inside, then a deafeaning silence.

Everybody present, have looked at themselves.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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