“What we had” – §13§

Comprehended from the owl speech, at that moment, it was a thing bigger than us, and we didn’t knew from where start, even because we didn’t knew, exactly, where we were.

To destroy that ernomous tower, wasn’t a simply thing: we had only two hands and two big paws, even if, there was the will, surely, we would have been discovered very soon, and maybe caged immediately, and those keys, would been throw away in the oblivion.
But we knew, it was the only thing that we had to do, as soon after i had found you again.

In my deep, i hoped to meet another creatures escape from that massacre. 
The owl outside the small window, had adviced us to proceeding in our walk in that endless stairwell paying attention to the differents crying and laments, because in each one of them we could distinguish what was their real desire: revenge or their forsaken to the death, and in that silence, some crying, and laments, were audible.

Not all the cells were been opened during that slaughter, and those closed, they had the next victims whom would been the next to die or survive.
The owl, would not have followed us in our walk toward downstairs, but he would have only waiting for us to the next and last small window that was facing outside.
He has looked at us, and without say nothing he has taken the flight, and flapping, he went away.

Me, and my friend have looked at each other, and as incitement to go ahead, he gruntend me sweetly, i taken his big paw, and really slow we have started to going down.
And as the owl had explained us, behind several walls we had heard some differents kind of crying. 
We both, knew how to breakdown those walls, and my friend couldn’t wait to make collapsing those or that wall.
But, really we had to pay attention to the kind of crying that we would have to listen to: if we had make collapse the wrong wall, we wouldn’t lasting not even a minute: not even my big friend.  

Behind the first two dark doors, we have recognized the same grunts of that creature, whom had teared apart the other one in few bites, and those grunts were fill of anger, and we had left him continuing to cursing against our shadows, that he had seen throught the slots of that brick wall.

We didn’t stopped not even, to think to set him free, and we have done the same with the second door. They were the same anger screams, and those last ones, were most threatening than those before, and when we have exceeeded those two doors, their occupants in their inside, have begun to throw several curses, and several warheads have hit the wall. 

We stopped petrefied, when from two floors down, we have seen many brick falling from the stairwell, and several screams resounding in that, by now, silent tower. 
They were been able to pull down those two doors that were divided them, and now were fighting among them.
Their screams were some of the most scaring that we had heard, for fear that they hurling against us, we didn’t have moved, as long one of them, has been threw in that endless stairwell. 
The body without life, has passed in front of us, like a garbage bag, and we have seen his body clashing against that wall, tearing it apart more.  

I covered my mouth, when i seen that body passing next to me, and my friend, immediately has changed his place with mine, and he has tightened me to him. 
We have waited for the silence got back in that tower, to continue our walk in search for someone who could help us.
Passed other two or three doors, i stopped in front of the last one, from which inside i could hear a lament of a creature who seemed the right one: from what i could hear, his lament was approching itself more than a chant, mixed with calculations, and it seemed that he was using the walls as a blackboard, what we were hearing, were signs that he was leaving on those walls.

Without hesitation, i indicated to my big friend that door, and in his face has printed itself a smile: finally he could use his big head to breakdown a wall.
But before we hade to be sure who was behind that dark wall, was that one i had to be sure thought it was the creature that we were looking for.

I stopped my friend for a minute, then i spoken.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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