What has happened

Is something magical that hardly i will forget, and if you will read that dm, maybe you will realize that something stronger than us is bonding us

In the dream i made before to wake, my mom has definied me a witch, then when i sent you my wishes for a happy new year i didn’t have noticed the time…. 

Everything is so magical.
 I’m shaking my head yet, and i still can’t believe it that everything is still continue to happens. 

If i stop to tap this keyboard for a moment, i can feel my heart that is going crazy, and our connection is starting to make itself stronger than ever, and the lump in the throat is growing up more, and my fingers are shaking strong.

I have to hold back the breathe, for then throw it away really slow.
Our Parallel World is approaching us always more, and in this moment i can feel your embrace enveloping my belly so sweetly, and i can hear your delicate whispers. 

Your closeness is around in this bedroom from where it’s everything has begun, and really slowly we are approaching each other, and sweetly our hearts are beating strong at unison…

Everything is so magical, and we are inside all this.
We are sorrounded by something marvellous.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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