“Even if” – §12§

We didn’t knew in which part of the tower, we were, when i called your name, that recall has reached you in that dark cell, under form of a soft whisper.
When you have perceived it, you have looked at Aura who even her was looking at herself around, don’t understanding what it was, remaining in alert, ready to do the necessary.

That call has echoed a couple of time among the walls of that tower, in which was reigning, again that silence: only the forest around, seemed awakening itself, and the nocturnal birds, even them, seemed awakening themselves from an enchant, and their sings was resounding around, wakening wolves, and other animals that have begining to make live that forest, usually sleepy in those night hours. 

You have looked at Aura, and you said: “It’s her”, and while you looking at the flying creature with wide eyes, the host of that cell has came out from the darkest point, and with a feeble voice has make you turn.
It seemed that the whole body of that creature was builded around his big yellowish eyes, and slowly they were spreading a light stronger than Aura. 
You both are approached to him, and with gestures really slow, you kneeled yourself to him, and you have presented yourself with Aura.

He seemed scared yet: at each minimum movement, he was going backward, and he looked at you with those big yellowish eyes, as if it was the first time, and he had to trust himself to you yet. 
It seemed, he had passed many time enclose in that cell, and without that nobody had asked it, he replied: “I’ve been the first prisoner of the tower, and what you have seen before, that hell outside, has been the umpeenth slaughter, that those jailers have accomplished”. 
You and Aura, have heard carefully in silence what that creature was saying, and without take off your glance from him, your hearts teared apart.

Taking courage, you have made him that question that was flying in the air from time. 
Even if, he seemed got relaxed, still he was terrified, even from a blink, and those animals in the forest didn’t helping that approach, but for now, you hadn’t none important appointment, and you had, only to know how escape from that hellish situation.

For a short time, you have closed the eyes, and you have held back the breathe, for then throw away it really slow.
Without realizing, even the creature was doing it, and it seemed working: you have looked at him, and shyly you have smiled him. Astonished, Aura was looking at everything, and really slow, even her, has done it. After, even her, seemed more relaxed, but soon after, everybody present got back to look at each other, waiting for you formulating that question.

“It isn’t possible that only three creatures may have the main control of everything this… who is below?” 
Made that question, you have gave a quick glimpse to Aura, whom has looked at you with the same rapidity, then has beckoned you, then you both have looked at him again.
It seemed, he was collecting  all the informations that he had for then to expose them to you, then he begun.

“I don’t know who is, but since i’m here, i always heard his jailers say: «Its orders are to fall the magic in oblivion», and, little by little, it is succeeding”.
After said that, a heavy silence has fallen in that dark cell, while you was whispering my name, looking for to hear my call again, but even that one, seemed fallen in oblivion.

There was a severe glance among you and those two creatures, that didn’t was promising nothing good: in that gaze  you had made a silent pact, and in that pact there was, all the desire of revenge of that creature with the yellowish eyes, and your biggest wish to find me. 

Aura went to close the door of that cell, looking at herself outside, checking that nobody hadn’t seen her.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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