“Despite” – §11§

The silence was, slowly spreading in that tower, and an echo of death was enveloping it, some last fights, and some scream of pain, resounding inside of it.

The last creature were killing the unlucky one who was passing in front of him, and the last piece of flesh has been threw away, as if it was real garbage, resounded in that stairwell, and that one victorious creature, has passed in front of us, looking at us with a sense of disgusting: he looked at us, as if he wanted kill us, but he grunted something that it sounded like: “You’ve been lucky this time!”, and scared, we have stared at him, as long he has passed forward us.

For those endless seconds we held back the breathe, and we have seen him moving away always more.
If it wasn’t for the silence that was fallen, we have would believed that, brick by brick, that tower was collapsing: instead, were our hearts that were beating like two jackhammer. 

The shadow of that big creature was went away from that stairwell, grunting, but all in a sudden all that chaos, all those scream were vanish, and those deadly silence has filled again our heart, and those rain drops, have started again to making themselves hear  from those gutters, along all the stairwell.

During that chaos, i have will screamed your name a thousand of times, but now  the desire was became stronger: my scream would shake that tower stronger than anything else, but i would have put our lives in danger.
I looked at my friend, making him understand how it was bigger my desire to call you, but even him has beckoned, and at end i nodded. 

Several adjustement noises were resounding in that tower, and in their own way, were scaring us. They seemed that our jailers were closing, one by one, the doors that they had opened in one go, and those noises were lasted for a long, and they have chilled us the blood.

When that chaos has begun, we were going down, and we stopped just below a small window, and it seemed outside everything stopped: even the moon covered by some clouds charged of rain, and when a lightening has teared apart the sky followed by a big roar, my heart has begun to beat stronger, and your name has escape out from my mouth, and that name has catched the attention by another creature, who was settled outside that small window.

“I heard that name!” None of us, hadn’t noticed him, and we had jolt, and we didn’t know  from where it came.
We didn’t have moved, but we looked at us with wide eyes: even if, my friend didn’t talk, he knew the meaning of that sentence, and for understand whoever had spoken, he got up really slow, and as soon he turned toward the small window, he met the big eyes of a nocturnal creature: an owl, who was making a round outside that tower.
My friend grunted me, and slowly has taken me in his big paws, and finally i seen, me too that spoken owl.

After what we had seen, in the eyes of that imponent owl, we could see a glimmer of hope to go out from that nightmare, and meet you again.

I have invited him to exceed that iron grate, but he denied it with a big flapping of wings, and in his glance was painted the real dread. 
“Enter inside there, would mean death  for me”, he said. 
From those concise sentence, both we had understood that he has been a prisoner of that ernomous jail, but for a malignant enchant, he was bounded to fly around the tower, and only in that instants, we had understood the only most important thing to know: to destroy the tower.

For a moment we everybody, remained astonished, for what we had heard, and said, then like awaken from something which we hadn’t wanted believe, shyly i asked news about you, and for magic, that heavy atmosphere that had surrounded us, has vanished. 
“Is  he ok? Where is he? Did you see him?”
Me, seemed a bombards, and i didn’t make him, not even, reply: only when my big friend has caressed my hand, i have realized to hadn’t take breathe between one question and another. 

There was a quick glance between the big creature and the spoken owl, but then, this last one, has replied me with all calm, explaining me everything: he was ok, and he had met, maybe the most brave creature of the tower, and together, were searching for a way to reach to me.

When he has concluded to expose everything, i shyly smiled, and without realizing, i had thought to have whispered your name, but instead it has resounded inside that stairwell.”


Listen to it⇓⇓



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