When i feel

That vise in the stomach growing, it’s meaning that our connection is about to begin, and i look the clock, and shyly smile. 
You was already waiting for me, looking at me from far. 

Slowly, you get up, and you are approach to me, and delicately your arms are wrapping my belly: i feel them, and i slowly i start to shake inside.

Our glances meet, and i dive myself in your wonderful eyes, you are looking at me, shyly smiling: you know what my finger wants touch.
My heart is beating strong. 
Here it is, my hands are shaking on this keyboard: our connection has begun in strong way.

I’m staring at you speechless, and your eyes are speaking for you.
Throwing away the air from the lungs, i close the eyes for a moment, and i feel you are pulling me more to you. 
Our heads are touch each other, and slowly our souls meeting inside our glances.
This is astonish. It take off the breathe. 

I caressing your face, your tiny neo, and you smile sweetly, and with all the delicateness you are touching my little body, whispering sweet words, and really slow your lips lean on mine, giving me sweet caresses. 
I sigh my feeling for you, and your kisses become more passionate.
Slowly we start our slow dance.
Our love is inside of it. 
We looking at each other, and at unison we throw away all the air we have in body.

Everything this is making us feel breatheless.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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