“Despite” – §10§

It was unleashed a real hell, you had heard distinctly that scream, and you had recognized my voice, and when you have heard for the first time, it has paralized you. 

You went down, next that beautiful flying creature of which, now, you knew her name, but it wasn’t time to make presentations. 

The door of that Dante’s round, were been opened, and around you it was presenting the same scenario from which me was searching for to escape. Hunters were killing their preys: evil versus good, and gushes of blood were splashing everywhere, and some of them splashed on your clothes, but in those instants the only thought you cared about were my screams.

You didn’t know if i was wounded, and i was calling your name, because i had need you.
You was in front of that macabre show, and when you have throw a glance toward the flying creature, you have would cursed her, but for sure, it wasn’t her guilty, if she have made you see the cruel reality of that tower, and what it would been happened from there to few seconds later.

While you went down, you looking at her, avoiding her glance, while she was protecting herself and you from several attacks. From her body so apparent fragile, it was come out strong strenght, that was making remain astonish, each ill-intentioned whom placing himself  in front of her, and without wanting, she had to killed some of them, and when her victims fell on the ground at her feets, she have looked at you for a second, then she continuing for her street.
In her glance, it could read: “Better him than us, right?”, and you could only to nod her.
But even you had made your part in that brutal game, that those jailers had put on. 

You was following her from behind. You had the torch that you had used to set free her, and for nothing at world you have wouldn’t throw it away, and that weapon would been of help, few seconds later, when a massive creature with the eyes out of the eye sockets, has pat your shoulder, and he was about to catch you, like another victim to kill.
You turned yourself, and from down to up, you have as much good hit, that the creature has take the flight backward, and he never got up no longer: from his mouth, in a puddle of blood, came out a couple of fangs.

You had killed him in one only shot, smashing his head, making arrive your weapon straight into his brain.
It fallen a silence between the deafening chaos, and you have shared a glance with the flying creature, who replied with the same sentence of earlier, and you have looked at her speechless.

Right after, you both have noticed a door opened, and from inside someone who was lamenting. 
It was just front of you, and from whom was crying, you had understood that there was someone who was rebelled to go out. While you entering, you have started to talk really slow, for don’t scare whoever was inside, and among the crying, the only sentence it was repeating: “They will don’t me make it do”. And now even the flying creature, shyly entered, looking at herself backward first, then around in that cell.

You have approached to that creature, who in that dark cell, was difficult to distinguish, but you have followed his voice, and you kneeled youself in front of him, and always with a soft tone of voice, you have tranquillized him, and so the flying creature has approached herself too, and her thin body has spreaded a soft light, but he was hid himself in the darkest part of his cell, and only the yellowish eyes were well visible.

He was scared yet. You both, had leave him alone searching for make him understand that you was there only to calm him.
That dark cell was the right place to remove from mind what you had seen outside, and from the first time you had heard my scream, your heart was starting to beat normal, and then you have looked at the flying creature, and simply she said one name: “Aura”, and so you presented yourself, while the creature slowly was going out at the bottom of his cell.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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