“One by one” – §9§

Those invisible doors opened, and just one of them opened in front of us, and one of those caged creatures grunted all his anger, as soon has looked at us, his glance became a challenge gaze.
In few seconds another creatures were set free, and in few seconds later, we’ve been throw in the panic. 
We didn’t know where to look at.

Some creatures were in a confusional state, some others it was better to don’t look at them straight in their eyes, because, we couldn’t to know, how could to react, and some only were scared: didn’t have had, not even idea what was happened, that were immediately eated from those more incativates from their imprisonment.

Me and my friend were awaken from this brutal show, and we remained petrified from what our eyes were looking at. 
We remained there, breathless: my heart stopped for the whole time we had seen those barbarism without sense, hoping that our immobility could make think that we were, already dead. 

My friend was tightening me to him, whispering me: “It will pass soon, it will pass soon”, and i knew that, what he was saying, it wasn’t as much for me, but it was for him, and i could feel his heart beating strong, in his big chest, and as much as i could, i was tightening him to give him strenght, and in his own way, he knew it.

In those minutes of real chaos, flows and flows of creatures running on those stairwell grunting their screams, in their own way, and really few were of the same kind.

The anger of some them, was manifest, when simply someone else was clash with him without realizing, and we have attended to one of these fits of anger, just in front of us, and the victim, whom, had notice us, he was asking us to help him while he was teared apart.
In that mess, nobody would have noticed if i had screamed, and i done so.

I hadn’t scream for fear, but i had screamed your name, and i’ve done it many times. 
I didn’t knew if you could hear me, but i done it, as long i have had voice, and that puddle of blood in front i had paralyzed me, and stared it screaming harder.

That show it had to end as soon as possible, and in those instants, my friend was imitating the sound of your name, and now that smell of blood was impregnating that stairwell, and that smell was entering in our noses, and as much it was pungent, was entering in my guts making me have some retching.

I looked at my friend, and with some effort slowly, we got up, and we have decided to moving ourselves from that stage of death.
As much we shocked were, we didn’t have remember in which directions we were going to.
We have looking at both the stairwell, and they looked similar, and for a moment we remained there standing, but then we have decided to went down. 

Making himself understand, the big creature has wanted to take me in his arms, and i left him do. 
By now, our language was made only by glances, and in that gaze he said: “Let me take you, a such person like you, it shouldn’t walk among this mess”. And just with a paw, he has take me, and he settled me on his shoulder. 

It those little instants, i had understood more of the creature whom i had met few hours ago, and i knew that in all his whole life, i was the only person who i take care of him, and he was paying it me with his gentleness, and when i screamed your name for a last time, he queued imitating that sound, and that sound has echoed between those dark walls.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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