And our connection begin, i feel your closeness make itself stronger, and you can feel my heart beating fast.

I close the eyes for a second, and your arms are tightening my belly from behind, and your sweet words are filling my soul. 

Our electric shocks soft, and sweet are crossing our minds. 
I feeling your breathe is enveloping me.

I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, and delicately your arms are tightening me more to you.
Our heads are exploding sweetly. 
You turn me, and our eyes meet. We remain breathless.
All in a sudden, we are in our apartment, there in front of the big window. 
We look at each other: you smile me sweetly: shyly i touching that neo on your chest, then i lift the face toward your, and you smiling more. 

Slowly that white shirt is sliding over your shoulders, and your hands slides on my body, and delicatly you tight me to you, and your hands stop on my hips.

Our eyes doesn’t take off one from another, and sweetly you approach to me. 
Our heads softly touching, and an your whisper make me remain speechless.
Slowly you approaching to me, and your lips are caressing mine, and your whisper enter inside my soul, making me shake like a leaf.

We looking at each other for a second that last an eternity, and in that eternity Our Parallel World is surrounding us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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