“You had” – §8§

Left that minute for her, but inside you the desire to escaper was bigger than other thing you would wanted to do. 
But what you have seen in those seconds later it has left you breathless.

What it was came out from that wall it was a magical creature with several wounds on her fragile body, and you was thinking that she haven’t would make it, but in that minute that she had asked you, she accomplished the real magic.

For the first time, after she was caged in that tiny cell, she has opened her majestic, and colorful wings, and despite she was feeling pain,  she had opened them in their all wideness, and soon after, from her thin body, she has relased a soft light, and it has enveloped even you, and slowly all the confusion and pain that both was feeling, were vanishing. 

You touched your bump in the head, and magically there was no longer.
You was looking at her face, and she taking again her real natural colors, and you was remained breathless for how much beautiful she was, and how many colors she could issue at each slow movement she was doing.

She didn’t care about your surprise for all those event were happened in few seconds, but she has approached to you asking: “How it is going your bump?” and she has waited for your reply, touching again your head. 
She was happy that her healing power weren’t disincreased, after be enclosed in that damned tiny cell.

The jailers had a method terrificant to torture their prisoners, and making them crazy: for the creatures enough big, had cells small to limitate their movements, and for the creatures smaller, cell so big to disorienting their perception of the space. It was a psychological torture, maybe the most dangerous.

Already, some creatures were become crazy, and it was so dangerous, even to think to set free them, and it was on that the jailers were counting: that they were killing themselves one another, if they were been capable to escape.
And this has been your first thought, looking at you around, then you have stared her who seemed thinking something else, and that thought it materialized in front of you, and it didn’t like you it at all.

Before to have met that magical creature, went down that tower, you had understood that it was divided in two blocks, and that wall that dividing our cell, was the meeting point of those two blocks, and when we had started to went down, we were moving away each other more, but in one certain point of that tower, those two blocks had to have a common aisle, and there, we would have could meet again. 
It was what you have explained to the flying creature, whom had heard everything carefully, and at end she nodded.

“We should only went down…” . You hadn’t finished the sentence, because between there, and the end of that endless stair, could be everything or nothing, and you didn’t knew if it was better one or another.
Between you, and the flying creature, was a quick glance, and without thinking much, she has taken your hand among her thin green paw, and with a soft: “Let’s go” she has invited you to make the first steps toward another stairwell, and so you have started to go down, without think much to those images of that thought that  she had made you see few seconds earlier, but those noises that  were resounding in the tower, seemed more threatening than before, and that image that she had made you glimpse, slowly was becoming real.

Really slow, some cells door opened, and the prisoners of their inside, were coming out, and their grunts didn’t promising nothing good.

While you was starting to run, you have throw a glance to the creature, who was running next to you, and as immediate reply, she said a name: her name, and she left the other comments to later.

The real jailers game was beginning in those instants.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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