“I had found” – §7§

A new friend without name, but this it was enough for me, but what i was missing was you, and don’t knew where you was ended, and it was a thing that really it was making crazy.

I was among those big secure arms of that big creature, who tenderly, was protecting me from that drops that were falling from those gutters, and where we were those drops were getting wet, drops by drops, the big head of my big protector: i’ve noticed that, and i made him understand, that he was getting wet, but the touched his head, and seemed surprised of those drops.
His skin was  water repellent. He smiled me, and gently he has collected those drops in his paws, and he has offered me them to drink them. 

Despite all that rain that was falling inside that tower, it was the first time that it was offering me something to swallow, and without thinking much, i have approach my mouth to his two paw, and i drunk several sips.  
I thanked him sweetly, encouraging him to do the same.
I looked at him with such tenderness, and i said  him to rest: we had to recharge our energies, as long we had not find you. 
I had found a shelter between his warm furry arms, and in that dark corner, nobody of our jailers would have seen us.

You was on the ground fainted. You have rolled from the stairs, and just in those seconds, you was open the eyes, and you was looking at you around to understand where you was ended. When you was up, you have touched your head, and you have realized that a bump was growing fast, and you had some clotted blood, on your hands, and some little wounded on hands, but it wasn’t serious, like the scream of that flying creature that you had met while went down from stair.

Maybe it was time to do something: confused yet, you went up, and you have followed those recalls that were calling you.
That flying creature hadn’t stopped herself to call you, since when you fallen, rolling from the stairs.
From far, her call seemed one of many laments that were hearing resounding in that big tower.

Following her voice, you went up, and during your walk, you was looking at on the ground, searching for something that it could served like crowbar. You had decided to set her free, and together you have would have reasoning better what to do, but you hadn’t found anything, but as soon arrived to the widening in front to her cell, the grey flame of that one torch that illuminating that small corner, has catched your attention, warning her of your arrive, and that you would have do all the possible to set free her, warning her to stay the farest possible from that wall.

Those torches were inserted into an iron cone, and they were easily removable, and their end, it seemed what you had need.
By now, the clashes  were became regular, and you could confuse your hits with those of the tower: you had to only enter in the mechanism, and you would could make breakdown that wall in few time.
Only the first hit, have get wrong tempistic, and it has resounded in all the tower, like a thunder that had hurry to roar before the lightening, and for a long instant, you haven’t breathe.

You was looking for to understand, if you had catched the attention of those jailers: it seemed you didn’t, but to be more sure, the flying creature has given you the right rythm to continue, and after other few hits, you was able to breakdown a part of that wall, and really slow, that flying creature was able to came out.

Her face was so pale, but she said: “Give me a minute”. 
You have nodded her, looking at you around, while the adrenaline was growing inside you always more.”


Listen to it


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“You had” – §8§⇒

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