” I had a jolt” – §5§

And i woke myself from that sudden big noise, and i asked myself where i was, as if i didn’t remember anything.

I fallen asleep, immediately after i came out from my room, and only in those instants i have understood to have run a real danger, but the tiredeness it had taken me unexpectedly, but right after i moving me, as if someone was chasing me.
I had the heart in throat, and i had difficulties to swallow.

Like small flashback, i was rebuilding everything, and when in my mind, i have heard your voice, i held back the breathe, and when i taken again to breathe, in a soft sigh i whispered your name.
Only after looking at me round, i have realized that those few stairs i had done, were the last (or the first?) of a long spiral stairs, and i had to only went down.
Those stairs, seemed endless, and in their own way, they were. 

I noticed the same widening, and from that dark walls i could hear some laments, but what i had in mind was to find a way to escape, and above all to find you, but more i went down fast, more my heart was crazy, and therefore i had to got slow, but what i was hearing didn’t like it, and seemed that spiral stairs had a strange power on me.
I had to went down at the rythm that she was deciding: sometime fast, sometime slower, and the echo that was resounding around was spectral.

Some drops were falling from the gutters that passed along the spiral stair. 
It seemed, there was some open windows, because some blow of wind made whistling those walls, and some stranges noises from outside, could seemed birds who singing between the branches of those trees that i have seen through the small window from where i had glimpsed the moon. 

All those noises were merging one in another, and slowly they were growing inside me, making me run faster, even when the stair wanted the exact contrary. 
And just when i was missed the breathe to continue, something of big has clashed against me, and it was about to falling me on the ground, but its quickness have avoided it.
Both scared, we looked at each other, and for a long moment we havent’ move ourselves, but what we were looking at straight into our eyes of the other, was only the awareness be fallen in the same trap.

Whom i had in front was a creature, who seemed escaped from his cell: he has been able to break throught  the wall with simple warheads, and  what he has said me has tranquilized me, and in that glance hass bloomed a sincere confidence each other, and finally i wasn’t alone, and without doing nothing special, from now on, i could counting on him.

We both, have would liked to know something more about whom we had met, but we knew that in those instants the bigger weapon we had was the silence, and sharing different glances, we have made a pact: he would be going ahead me, along the stair. 
He would have protect me whatever we had met.

Looking at his big silhouette in front as shield, tenderness has been the only thought has came in my mind.”


Listen to it⇓⇓



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